Protect Me (one direction fan fiction)

Hi I'm Ali Carter, I'm moving to England next week - that's all I'm going to say so you have to read the book the fanfic is about Louis


2. Two

"Flight 23 to England is now boarding." I looked over to my Mum, Dad and brother Flynn he is ten there's a five year difference between us and my sister Kate she is five and there is a 10 year difference between us. We all walked through the gate, there were tears dwelling in my eyes. We found our seats and sat down I quickly got out my phone to send all my contacts one last goodbye while I was still here. 

"Please prepare for take off, would you please turn off electronic devices or for phones switch to airplane mode." I put my headphones in and the plane took off I was listening to Katy Perry. I looked back at the airport, I was happy that I get to experience this whole new adventure but to do that it means leaving my friends behind.

A few hours later we arrive lucky for us we went on a plane that goes really fast. We got out of the plane and I really should of believed my Mum when she tells me told me it will be cold there. So I am the only idiot standing in the freezing cold wearing a singlet and jeans, I did pack in a jacket with me but thats in the suitcases that we took on the plane with us so I can't get it right now. We put the rest of our things in the moving luggage, that should arrive tomorrow and we only backed the things we would need until then and also for the night we would be staying in a hotel. So we collected are things and left the airport.

We walked in to the hotel it's not that big but it only one night theres two kings and a single I looked at my brother and sister and ran over to single, I won so know my brother and my sister need to share the king. "Okay lets all have a rest because we will be going out for dinner with the people from my work and their families." My Mum is the reason we moved because the company she worked for discontinued in every country except England so we all had to move because there is no other job like hers. I woke up from a little sleep it was 6:01pm  and because of the time difference I wasn't tired at all. I got up to pick out Kate's clothes I always buy clothes for her and I make sure Mum is dressing her in the clothes I buy and now on to me I put on my blue strapless top, pink jeans and light blue converses I curled my hair and put in a bow and then I did the same for Kate. We were all ready and then I remembered England is cold so I got my white jacket. We got into a taxi and went to the restaurant.

It looked like we were the first there we sat down and waited, while I was waiting a boy walked in and I could not take my eyes of him he was gorgeous but then he came and sat across from me, He was apart of one of the families we were having dinner with.

Half way through dinner I got a call from Phoenix, as soon as my phone buzzed I showed Mum and she nodded which meant I was allowed to answer we talked for a long time and when it was time to say bye I was nearly in tears but I held myself together.I walked back to the table and Mum smiled because she knew that I was upset. 

(Polyvore link for what she wore to dinner)


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