Protect Me (one direction fan fiction)

Hi I'm Ali Carter, I'm moving to England next week - that's all I'm going to say so you have to read the book the fanfic is about Louis


3. Three

"Ali make up we are living" I sat up "right now!?" Kate and I's conversations are usually a lot of questions. I turn to Mum and she said "yes we wanted to to let you sleep in and plus you don't need to look absolutely beautiful to move houses." I moaned  "fine but I'm putting something over my pyjamas so know one could see my hello kitty top." she rolled her eyes and we all did a quick check to see if we forgot anything. We went to the lobby to check out and we all got in the car.

"Is this our house?" My Dad asked, "Yeah I think so." with the tone of Mum and Dad's voice I can see they are both pretty impressed. From the outside it looked amazing already. We went inside and it looks more awesome than the outside. When you walk in and look to your right it's the kitchen with black marble surfaces and the cupboards are a silver-ish colour which will go nice with our soon-to-be-put-in fridge. If you look to your left its what looks like the lounge room. You can see a hallway where if you walk down you can see the toilet, the laundry and the outside door.

Outside is a pretty big grassy area and I think that's a shed, so I go see whats inside. Wow its an indoor heatted pool with a projector pointing to the wall next to the pool so that means we can see watch tv and swim and watch movies an wow this is awesome. There is also lounge chairs, a mini bar and a shower the people before us must of left them there for us to use.

I went back inside to and went upstairs when you walk up its an open hallway so you can look over and see downstairs. The first room had mum and dad's things there so thats their room. Next looked like Kate's and then Flynn so that means....... I HAVE MY OWN ROOM back at home I didn't have my own room so this is awesome. Then it was the upstairs lounge room but now I have seen my room I have kind of lost interest in the rest of the house. 

I went into my room its a small hallway in the entrance to the right is my own walk in wardrobe, I have always wanted one but never was able to get one then I walk in further and see a door leading to.......MY OWN BATHROOM this just keep getting better! 


Polyvore for her pyjamas please favourite and like this book :P <3

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