Protect Me (one direction fan fiction)

Hi I'm Ali Carter, I'm moving to England next week - that's all I'm going to say so you have to read the book the fanfic is about Louis


6. Six

The next day when I got on the bus Layla asked if she could sit with me and when her friend got on she didn't say anything she just sat behind us and her attitude was completely different then the day before she was asking me all of these questions about my old school and my friends, she was being so nice and I bet I know why. 

When we got to school I went into home room and Louis offered me the seat that was next to him and he started introducing me to all of his friends, I spent the rest of the week with those girls that were friends with Louis, it was good that I had friends but I didn't get a chance to make my own and see what the other girls were like which I would've liked to do but I don't mind.


Finally the week was over and by the end of the week every one knew who I was. I got of the bus and walked home, I went straight to the kitchen to see what we had and like always nothing, my Mum came downstairs "Mum why don't we have food?" I whined, "because you ate it all" She replied, I sighed and rolled my eyes. "Anyway I have to go and get some groceries for the party tomorrow" Mum said as she started walking towards the door. "Wait what party?" I asked confused, "We are having a work party tomorrow and some people from work and their families are coming over....I thought I told you already." She probably did but I wasn't paying attention so I just nodded my head and walked up to my room. I went on my laptop and watched YouTube videos until I had to get ready for bed then I went back onto YouTube on my phone, until I was tired and went to sleep. (Basically what I do)

I woke up and started getting ready for the party and I started freaking out because I didn't know what to wear when I heard my garage door open and I bolted down stairs where my Dad was getting in the car "Where are you going?" I asked. "I have to quickly go to the store" He replied, "In town?", "Yeah, Why?" Dad asked "Can I please come?" I begged "Fine quickly get dressed" I quickly ran back to my room and changed into the first thing I could see and grabbed my bag, then I went back down to the car.

When we got there I jumped out of the car and went into Topshop and found this really pretty white cropped sweater, which would go perfect with my high wasted shorts. I went back to the car where my Dad was already there waiting for me "Why did you need new clothes?" He said looking at my bag, "No reason" I said smirking, He rolled his eyes and started the car.

We got home and I started getting ready for the second time then I started getting Kate ready too when we were both ready we went down stairs and everyone was there including Louis......


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