Protect Me (one direction fan fiction)

Hi I'm Ali Carter, I'm moving to England next week - that's all I'm going to say so you have to read the book the fanfic is about Louis


1. One

Ali P.O.V (point of view)

The bell at my school rang my eyes filled with tears. I turned to my best friend Phoenix she started to cry too, we wrapped our arms around each other and walked over to my locker, her locker is next to mine on the right on the left is my boyfriend Austin I hugged him. With both of them by my side I walked out of the school doors for the last time I looked back and thought of all the memories. My Dad pulled up outside school I looked at Phoenix "Call Skype Text Write keep me up to date on very thing going on here" and I gave her a big hug I looked at Austin "So I guess this is the end, I just don't think a long distance relationship would work for us." We had talk about it wouldn't work out because unless he wants to fly over to England we would never see each other. "Yeah I guess so" I gave him one last kiss and got in my Dads car I waved by to all my friends as my Dad drove away. Phoenix is the best friend I ever had I'm going to miss her like crazy!!!

(polyvore link in comments for Phoenix and Ali's outfits)

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