Protect Me (one direction fan fiction)

Hi I'm Ali Carter, I'm moving to England next week - that's all I'm going to say so you have to read the book the fanfic is about Louis


4. Four

I woke up to my room which was finished and I spent the whole weekend non stop moving around the whole house, it was my first good night sleep the whole time we have been in England. Like I described before when you walk in to your left is the walk in wardrobe I put all my clothes in an organised pattern and all around the walls had photos of all of my friends even some I didn't really like but there all people I love and miss, I also put all of my things in the bathroom and did a little bit of decoration, when you go out of the wardrobe and go around more, my bed is in the corner which you could see when you walked in the opposite wall was my  t.v and on the same wall was my desk which is also where I have my computer. I have tried to make my new room similar to my old one. I have photos every where and I just love all the space

I go downstairs to have breakfast most things in the house are out of its boxes. I finished my breakfast and I went to get ready for my first day of school, i am nervous but excited. Something about that is different at school is we have to wear a uniform the colours are blue and white for girls it is a blue skirt and a white shirt with a blazer, for the boys it's the same except pants. 

I packed by bag and ran down to the bus stop. I was waiting for the bus with two other girls. "Hi I'm Ali, I'm new." one of the girls looked at me and ignored me but the other girl was able to answer. "Well I'm Layla and this is my sister Jen she's umm quiet..." I really think that Layla could be my new and first friend over here. "Do you want to sit together on the bus" she asked "Ok" I nodded and I do know now that I have a friend. Our bus must be one of the middle stops. 

Layla and I sit at a seat thats around the middle of the bus and it was only a minute before the next stop a girl got on and came to the seat where I was "Who is this girl and why is she seating next to MY chair next to Lay" I didn't know what to do the only thing I thought about was to get up and move which I did but when I was at the new seat Layla looks to and just shrugged her shoulders and that's it.

The bell rang I walked through the hallway I put my books over my face so no one could see me as a new girl, but that was stupid because I fell over. I heard a boy's voice and I think I know that voice from somewhere so I look up and It was the boy from dinner I got up and did a bit of a jog to get away from him, but he caught up to me and stopped me. "Hey are you the girl from dinner on Friday night" He asked. "Yeah thats me" I replied, "Ok cool I'm Louis by the way and your name is umm." You could see the look on his face is that he is really trying to remember my name. "Ali....... which homeroom are you in? Cause I'm in 101." I asked "Same and we should go quickly don't want to be late."


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