The Killing Truth WW2

the time has come to tell the third mind blowing story but what will happen?


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The Killing Truth


So we enter the next mind-blowing stage of our story and it has been corrupted with another war but still as deadly like the last war, so the taken souls are now Bridget, the doctor, injured soldiers and my grandson Derek but yet he had the weakest mind to take because of one bad day.

The unlucky soul who is now the centre of attention in this horror is not family or friend it is just a person who is just like me, a show off and his name is Henry.

Henry was a solder, a navy boy to be presided but, he controlled the torpedoes that kills other people by damage or lack of air that means chaos and despair, but what will happen to him?

So it begins, torture and despair while my mind is thinking of new targets to demolish but Henry was a perfect match to my world of death.

It was a Friday afternoon that was the same night that I killed a doctor, who is a traitor while was saying the lies ‘going to help your wife’ but instead he killed my beloved Bridget. But I digress while I’m waiting to construct my biggest revenge.

Although I think Henry would be my biggest experiment so far that will bring sorrow and despair but he has a strong intelligent brain.


It was a dark Friday, the very same Friday that I went crazy,but the wind was howling while the rain bombed England of its remains while it stands, the storm ripped the skies apart what bring fright and torture to the souls of England.

Henry and his friend Toby also with Jenna who was interested about my Manor and the history of secrets it holds within the abandon walls of Pritchard Manor or known as Silverdale because the land owners had to rename my habitat of life because they do not want to bring suspicious rumours about my Manor.

The legends of the Manor are getting strong and also well known to the people who believe in myths and legends, because they are scared what will happen to them and what will create the sky to rip apart to bring total darkness on the citizens of the entire world.

Henry came to the unfortunate rubble of my manor, which brought a tear to my eye; so I mutilated the German soldier who blasted my Manor into millions of pieces, so I put him, into a million pieces.

So, now as the scum soldier is mutilated and will never trouble me again, I thought that I start my greatest kill and will cause sorrow and despair into the living souls.


While I killed the scum soldier who demolished my Manor, Henry was looking at the past of my Manor to discover who used to live here but Toby was more interested in the price range of my Manor and Jenna was looking at the portrait of me and Bridget.

The Manor was getting rebuilt very quickly to its original design, but when the day arrived to its reopening, Henry, Toby and Jenna where about to stay in the Manor until sunrise.

The moment comes to my biggest kill yet and Toby was in the visitor room sleeping until a large crack from a lightning strike, then the door started to creek and the floor started to pound while the curtains where flipped right to left then it all stopped until he looked to his civil hands what where unclean because blood ran down his hand.

Toby started to scream and scream but nobody could hear his distress while he was slain.

Jenna was in the attic looking at old photos of me but then the attic door slammed shut and the candle in her hand went out……

Henry looked around the room where I thankfully died, but there was something strange about the room it felt like he was not alone as there was a cold breeze around his neck a following shadow across the room and it was Bridget wondering where she was and what had happen to her habitat.

Henry came to the iron poker what murder the doctor, who let go of my Bridget and seen the dripping blood and then heard a bang in the corridor Henry looked and seen Toby and Jenna possessed and they too killed Henry, I walked other and laugh in his face.




Is the end already or is it?



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