louis promise me

madie clark is just a normal girl, well that is until she met one direction her life changed, for the better... or so she thinks, see her ex is stalking her all the time he just wont leave, she doesnt feel safe in her own skin.


3. No, you can stay

     LOUIS'S P.O.V


"I better go, could you maybe drive me home,louis?" she said sweetly, "No,you can stay here tonight... i have a spare room plus i don't want you in danger." " Ok."she replyed simply.  "I have some clothes that you can use as pj's" "Thanks!"



4 hours later 2:30 AM



*nock nock* someone nocking on my bedroom  door woke me up "Come in" i said.  " hey Lou i cant sleep." "Oh sweetie come here" i said.  she ran over and jumped into my bed, i wrapped my arms around her and we just started talking, then it came to ex-boy friends and girlfriends "my last girlfriend was elenor, i loved her with all my heart, i told her and she said, thanks" "well my last boyfriend was the one chasing me through the streets"she said "madie i don't know if you feel the same but i really like you..."



"Madie i don't if you feel the same... but will you go out with me"  "OH MY GOD yes!!!" we give eachother a huge hug than a small kiss.

i fell asleep shortly after that and felt his arm wrapparound me.


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