louis promise me

madie clark is just a normal girl, well that is until she met one direction her life changed, for the better... or so she thinks, see her ex is stalking her all the time he just wont leave, she doesnt feel safe in her own skin.





"Leave, just go, you had your chance but you blew it." those were the last words i said to Matthew my boyf...my ex boyfriend,he hits me, punches me, and does anything in his power to hurt me but for what i don't deserve it, right .


Right now i am running through the streets of london i have to get away,its matthew he's following me again 'just keep running,just keep ru-'    BAM i am nocked to the ground "here let me help you up" he says "we have to run, he's following me" i pant.  We ran to what i assume was his house and stayed there, "so whats your name,love?" his voice sends shivers down my spine " Madie, yours?" "Louis, you might have heard of me before, my surname is tomlinson" "Oh My God your louis tomlinson i have a huuuuuugggge crush on you" i nearly scream

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