louis promise me

madie clark is just a normal girl, well that is until she met one direction her life changed, for the better... or so she thinks, see her ex is stalking her all the time he just wont leave, she doesnt feel safe in her own skin.


4. Do you like nandos?

        LOUIS'S P.O.V


For our first date i'm taking madie to nandos,i'm kinda nervous i hope she likes it.  "lou calm down!" says Niall "Don't tell me to calm down, when ever you go on a date you're so nervous that you wont come out of your room until you have to go pick her up!"

i scream at him.  he whimpers and walks slowly to his room, madie sees him and runs after him "Niall,wait!" she shouts, but he just keeps walking.  Niall and madie have become like best fiends, exept she always talks about her best friend Shoshanna, apparently her and harry are going on a date tomorrow night, I hope that poor girl knows what she's getting herself into.  About ten minutes later Madie and Niall came out of his room, he ran up to me and hugged me then he whispered "Good luck mate!" he had a huge grin on his face.




"do you like Nandos?" i asked "Are you kiding me? I love nandos, it's one of my favorite foods, second on the list infact" "whats your faveorite?" i asked curiuosly "CARROTS!!!!!!!"

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