louis promise me

madie clark is just a normal girl, well that is until she met one direction her life changed, for the better... or so she thinks, see her ex is stalking her all the time he just wont leave, she doesnt feel safe in her own skin.


2. are you ok?

                             LOUIS'S P.O.V

so me and the boys had a huge fight, Zayn started the whole thing, god he's a looser sometimes.  i was lost in my thoughts when something smashed into me, or should i say someone.  Wow she was beautiful "here let me help you" is all i could say "we have to run, he's following me" jeez she was scared.  I took her back to my place then said "whats your name, love?" to break the silence "Madie,yours?" "louis, you might have heard of me before, my surname is tomlinson" oh nice work idiot "OH MY GOD your louis tomlinson i have a huge crush on you!" she practically screamed


"i have a huge crush on you to" i said quite loud, so she would take the hint.  She started blushing so i guess she got the hint.


3 hours later LOUIS'S P.O.V

i just went up stairs to talk to the boys, zayn says he's really sorry about what he said, so he should be, i told them about Madie and told them she's shy and she will probably freak meeting the rest of the boys, i pulled Hazz to the side and told him not to get to close to her because 'PEOPLE MAGAZINE' keeps saying he's a man whore, and i told him that when she's used to all of us i wanna ask her out on a date, but i will get Zayns' girlfriend perrie to see if she likes me, i really hope she does, not because im famous but because she genraly likes me.

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