Everything About You

Love? Hate? Which one is it? Does she want to stay? Or does she want to leave and never come back? These are the questions on eighteen year old Jessica's mind. There are many reasons why she would want to leave everything new that is happening in her life. But many more reasons on why she would want to stay. But which will she choose in the end?


2. We have arrived

Harry's P.O.V

"Come on boys we need to hurry and find them! Keep up." My mom told us as she continued making her way through the crowds in the airport. The boys and I kept our heads low making sure no one would be able to recognize us. Paul and my mom both agreed that it would be best if we wore sunglasses and kept out hoods up while we were in such a crowded place. I was thankful that the lads had agreed to come with me today. I'm going to admit it, I'm not to happy that my mom is dating someone, but I promised her that I would be nice to him, and his daughter.

We continued pushing through the crowds when she stopped dead in her tracks. I lifted my head up a little to see where she was looking and saw a tall muscular man, probably in his 40's with black hair walking towards us with a girl walking behind him who looked to be about my age.

"Charles!" My mom squealed running towards him and giving him a huge hug. Well I'm guessing that was them. 

"Harry he dosent look to bad. I dont think you have anything to worry about." Liam said to me. I nodded my head agreeing with him.

"Harry come here!" My mom called me. I walked over shoving my hands in my sweat pants pockets. My mom smiling at me and gestured to the girl in front of me. She had the same jet black hair as her dad and electric grey eyes. "Hi, I'm Harry." I introduced myself. She looked at me and then looked at her dad, and then back at me. Um well okay then. She then put on a smile and shook my hand. "Nice to meet you Harry, Im Jessica. You can call me Jess."

"Yeah nice to meet you to. Oh these are my bandmates by the way." I turned around and pointed to the boys who had removed their glasses but kept their hoods up to be cautious. 

"Alright everybody why don't we head back to the house." Mom said clapping her hands together. We all agreed and grabbed their bags and carried them outside to the van.

Jess's P.O.V

"We're home!" Anne said as she drove up to a big beautiful house. I got out of the car and stood there admiring the lovely home. Don't get me wrong, my house back home in California was great, but the houses here seemed different in a way to me. 

"Jess, no one is going to get your bags for you." My dad scolded me as he carried some bags inside. I rolled my eyes and walked to the back of the car to get my bag. I grabbed the handle of it and pulled it out and dropped it on the ground. Wow maybe I shouldn't have packed so many clothes. 

"Here let me help you with that." I heard a heavy accent say behind me. I turned around and saw the guy with the blonde hair with peaking brown and amazing blue eyes. I felt a blush creep to my cheeks but tried to hide it Immediately. 

"Yeah that would be great. Thanks." "No problem. I'm Niall by the way." He picked up my bag with no problem making me feel instantly weak. "Jessica, but I like to go by Jess." I smiled. He smiled back revealing an adorable smile. We walked into the house and set the bags down in the front. "Harry can you show Jessica where she will be staying please?" Anne told him. He nodded his head and then motioned me to follow him. 


"So Jess tell me about yourself." He said. "Well you already know my name. Isn't that good enough for you. I mean its not like we are ever going to see each other again after this, so why do you need to know more?" I hissed. I didn't mean for it come out like that, it just did. I mean I'm not the happiest person right now, being out of my comfort zone and all. "Woah calm down, no need to get defensive now love. It was just a question. And what do you mean we will never see each other again after this?" "Do you really think their relationship is going to last?" I scoffed. "Maybe. They seem really happy together." I rolled my eyes. Hopefully he was wrong so I could just go home. "And he's your room." He said opening the door to a spacious room. I looked around and saw that there was a queen sized bed and a night stand table next to it, a tv mounted on the wall, a dresser, a huge bay window that had a gorgeous view. I was even more impressed when I saw that the walls were painted my favorite color which is baby blue. I walked inside and saw that there were two doors across from each other. I opened the first one and saw that it was a nice sized bathroom. I then walked to the second one opening it to see that it was a spacious walk in closet.


"Wow this room is really nice." I said. "Yeah my mom got some info from your dad and he told us what you liked so we could make you feel more at home." "Really? You guys really didnt have to do that." He gave me a little smile and shrugged his shoulders as if the room were no big deal which in  reality it was. I mean its not like we were going to be staying here forever right?



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