Everything About You

Love? Hate? Which one is it? Does she want to stay? Or does she want to leave and never come back? These are the questions on eighteen year old Jessica's mind. There are many reasons why she would want to leave everything new that is happening in her life. But many more reasons on why she would want to stay. But which will she choose in the end?


1. Nice to Meet You

"Jess wake up, we're going to miss our flight!" My dad shouted from downstairs. I slowly opened my eyelids as the adjusted to the light. I really didn't want to go so why should i get up? Im 18 i can stay home alone for 2 weeks. "Jess if your still in bed when i come back in the house your in big trouble!" Oh im so scared. I pulled the covers closer to me and sunk back down into my pillows. 




Okay maybe i was a little scared. I jumped out of bed just in time when my dad peeked his head in the door way. "Just making sure your up." "Yeah dad ive been up for like 10 minutes now." He smiled and nodded his head. 


"Make sure you dress nice okay?" I gave him a fake smile and batted my eyelashes. "Sure thing daddio." He smiled back and closed my door. I rolled my eyes and let out a huff. 


I walked into my bathroom and prepared myself fo the day. I turned the shower water on and stripped off my clothes, getting in the shower. The scolding hot water felt amazing on my skin only making me want to stay in the shower for even longer but sadly I couldn't. I turned off the shower water and wrapped a towel around my body. I walked over to the sink and brushed my teeth and combed my hair. I walked back into my bathroom and to my walk in closet pinkcing out my outfit for the day. I decided on a white tank top with ruffels, my ligh blue jeans with, black blazer, and i decided on putting on my black booties.


I went over to my vanity and my hair and makeup. I decided on curling my jet black hair and outting it in a pony tail leaving my side bangs  hanging down. Then for my makeup, I put on a thin line of eyeliner and only a littl ebit of mascara making my grey eyes pop. I grabbed my iphone and purse off of my bed and left my bedroom going downstairs where my dad was with all of our bags.


"You look great sweety. Your going to make a great first impression on her." I gave him a fake smile. Today was the day that me and my dad were leaving the comfort of our wonderful LA home and flying all the way to London to meet my dad's new girlfriend. You see, my mom died of cancer when I was 10. Dont get me wrong I'm happy for my dad, but I felt like me having to go with him for 2 weeks to see her was to much. 


"Okay how do I look?" He asked looking in the mirror. Was he seriously...checking himself out? Wow she must really mean a lot. 
"Yes Charles you look fine. Come on we are going to miss our flight." I said pushing him out the door. 


"Ladies and gentlmen we are ready for depature so please buckle up and we will let you know when you are free to roam the cabin." The captain said throughout the intercom. I took out my phone and clicked on my best friend Charlotte's contact.


'Getting ready to fly to London. Kill me now :P Text you when I land! x' 


I sent the text and turned off my phone stuffiing it in my bag. If I go to sleep now this flight will seem a alot shorter. I took the small pillow out of my bag and put it behind my head and laid back. I closed my eyes and slowly felt myself starting to fall asleep.


"Jess come on hunny we've landed." I opened my eyes and looked around seeing people grabbiung their bags and leaving the plane. I stood up and stretched as my dad grabbed our bags from the compart. "Thanks for flying with us today." A flight attendant said. I smiled at her and exited the plane. My dad grabbed one of those cart things and put all of our bags on it and starting pushing it around.


"Alright lets see, where could they be?" He said looking all around. He stoped dead in his tracks and started smiling with a huge freaky grin. I looked where he was looking and saw a woman with blackish brown hair and green eyes walking towards us. Behind her I saw 5 guys walking with her and they all had sunglasses and hoods on. 


"There she is!" He said walking towards her and engulfing her in a hug. SHe instantly wrapped her arms around him and smiled widely. I walked up to them and stood there waiting for their little love fest to be over. Finally when they let go of each other, my dad turned to me and smiled. 


"Jess this is Anne. Anne this is my daughter Jessica." He introduced us. 

"Jessica! I've heard so much about you, it's so nice to finally meet you!" She said giving me a hug. 

"Jessica, I would like you to meet my son. Harry come here!" One of the boys behind her stepped next to her. He took off his sunglasses and hood revealing his head of curly hair and emerald green eyes. "Hi im Harry." He said. Wait. Harry? As in Harry styles? I turned and looked at my dad. He instantly shot me one a 'I know, but be nice' looks. I turned back to look at Harry.


"Nice to meet you Harry." I fakely smiled. Not gonna lie, I wasnt the biggestr fan in the world of One Direction. I mean besides the fact thatr Charlotte always talked about them, they kind of bothered me. 


"Nice to meet you to. These are my mates by the way." He said motioning to the 4 other boys. They all removed their hoods and glasses revealing their faces. One of them immediatly caught my eye. He had tosseled blondish hair and hints of black and amazing blue eyes. I think his name was Niall for what I've learned from Charlotte. Maybe this trip wasnt going to be as bad as I had thought.

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