Everything About You

Love? Hate? Which one is it? Does she want to stay? Or does she want to leave and never come back? These are the questions on eighteen year old Jessica's mind. There are many reasons why she would want to leave everything new that is happening in her life. But many more reasons on why she would want to stay. But which will she choose in the end?


3. Are you in

Harry's P.O.V

"how about the four of us go out to eat." mom suggested. The guys had left a couple of minutes ago to go to a bar. They asked me if I wanted to come along but I told them that I should probably stay back and help Jess and Charles settle in. 

"That sounds like a great idea! That way the kids can get to know each other a little better." Charles said. Im not really a kid anymore, Im 19, and Im sure Jess is thinking the same thing. 

"Yeah sure, let me just go and get my jacket."  I said. "Uh me to." I heard Jess say from behind me. I turned my head and saw her catching up to me. 

"We need to talk." I raised an eyebrow in confusion. "About what?" "About our parents relationship. Look I dont want your mom dating my dad and I know its vise versa for you. All I want to do is go back to America and start my life again and I know that you would very much love to have a regular girl out of your life. So I say that we come up with a plan to break them up." I stared at her for a moment. Silence lingered between us for I was trying to make sense of what she just asked me to do. Then I thought again. Maybe she was right. I dont always like it when my mom dates men because I get scared that I'm going to have to see her hurt again. 
"So are you in?"

"I mean I guess we could try something..." I trailed off a little. I saw her starting to smile wide. "But how are we going to do it?" "Trust me styles. I have my ways." She said walking in front of me grabbing her jacket and walking back to mom and Charles. I still just stood there. Was I really going to interfere with my own mothers relationship? I mean who was I to do that. But then there is a side of me that actually wants my mom to stay single so she wont continue to be hurt. 

I grabbed my coat and walked back to everyone before they started calling me. "Alright lets go!"







Sorry it took me so long to publish this chapter.  I know that its short and that it sucks, but i am having really bad writers block, but i felt bad about not posting so again im really sorry for this crappy chapter. No im not even gonna consider this a chapter. Lets just call it a filler part. Yes, so I will try and have a better chapter out soon! Thanks for your patience! :)

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