Cobra Kisses

Thought I'd give it a go at writing some poetry influenced by Sylvia Plath's style. I liked the way it turned out, let me know what you think and I'll gladly return some feedback!


1. Cobra Kisses

Atlantic ocean eyes

Not blue

Stare back at you


Ice cream mind

On a July day

It’s always been that way


Picked apart tales

Find truth

In these lies


Your Hemingway hands

Reset the typewriter


It’s not fiction you speak

But reality

A story I cannot read


My cheeks

Like the cherry on top


Flustered, clumsy,


Puppet legs give out,

Tumble down

Along with a tired heart


Soften the blow,

Strong arms do more

Good than harm


Despite this,

Your fever warmth

I will not sweat out


A hundred ten degrees

But the chills

Caress my skin


Your Alaskan organs

Titanic eyes

Not life-size

& Cobra kisses


Bitter will and

Poisonous venom

Flow to my veins


Boa constrictor hugs

I hold tight

I fight back

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