Witches and wolves

There is a girl named Blue Horan. Blue by name Blue by nature. Blue and Niall come from a blood line of witches, but out of Niall and blue, Blue only knows and has taught herself the powers of mind control and magic.


3. Chapter 2

Blues POV.

"Okay so since we are 'twins' you will sleep in my room" Niall says "okay" I say "umm Niall can I please ugh talk to you in private?" I ask him "ugh sure come into my room" Niall says leading me to a blue and black door that says 'Niall' "okay" I say "put your hands out like this" I say raising both hands and putting them flat in the air "okay" he says uncomfortable but does it anyway. I put me and his hands together and they start to glow "wtf?" He says "you are a wizard I am a witch" I say releasing our hands "watch" I say. Close my eyes and imagine harry knocking on the door and saying ''y bum is as flat as a pancake' "alright in 20 seconds there will be a knock on the door and it will be harry and he will come on and say 'my bum is as flat as a pancake'" I say just in time. There goes a knock in the door and harry and the rest of the boys come in "my bum is as flat as a pancake" harry says and we all start cracking up except for Niall. 


Sorry for the short chapter ill right a bigger one next one. I also need to have a girlfriend for Niall for the next chapter. Just comment your name, hair colour, eye colour, personality and  if you want to be a vampire, mermaid or an angel. Cheers thanks:)

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