Witches and wolves

There is a girl named Blue Horan. Blue by name Blue by nature. Blue and Niall come from a blood line of witches, but out of Niall and blue, Blue only knows and has taught herself the powers of mind control and magic.


2. Chapter 1

Blues POV 

I groan in pain as Blake (foster father) throws a kick in my shin "P-please what did I ever do to you?" I ask Blake holding my bruised and skinny blue leg "hmm EVERYTHING!" He screams punching my in the stomach causing me to bend over and get punched in the face "Daddy?" My foster baby brother asks from the doorway "Jason go back to bed please" Blake says in a softer voice "why are you hurting Blue?" He asks "I'm not I'm teaching her a lesson for being naughty and getting drunk" Blake says "daddy can you please tuck me in and read me a story, I had a nightmare about zombies" Jason says looking around the house for any signs of dead flesh "yes son, Blue stay here!" Blake says leaving the room and locking the door behind him "dumbass!" I say under my breath. I grab my iPhone, laptop, clothes and $500 dollars and stuff it into a duffel bag "forgot to lock the window Blake" I say climbing out of the window and landing on my ankle wrong "OW!" I immediately cover my mouth and start to run as I hear the screams of my name to come back "I will never come back!" I say running with Blake after me. I turn into a dark alley way and find a little hole in the gate behind a house big enough for my fragile body. I climb through the hole without being seen by Blake "BLUE!! COME OUT COME OUT WHEREVER YOU ARE!?!" Blake yells. After 3mins I hear him curse and walk off trying to look for me. I try to get up but fail landing on my backside "OWW!" I scream audible for Blake to hear "hello? Is anybody out there?" I hear a soft yet scared Irish voice say "ugh hello?" He asks again. I hold my breath and wait "I can see you!" He says "shit" I whisper "umm are you-" he gets cut off by dropping the torch. I make a run for it but don't make it that far because I trip over a branch and I moan in pain "ow ow ow ow" I say holding my ankle rolling in the green grass "umm hello?" Another voice says coming out of the house in only boxers. I make a fake choking sound but very quietly at the sight of the half naked boy "are you alright?" I hear a voice say. I don't answer "HOLY CRAP YIUR BLUE! GUYS I THINK SHE'S BOT BREATHING!" The boys says "I am breathing ya dickhead!" I say getting up and limping holding the duffel back heading towards the back gate "umm where are you going?" The guy that's half naked says "to live on the streets if that's alright with you half naked?" I say being all sassy "no it's not alright, your limping and your nose is bleeding!" A guy that is very familiar says picking me up bridal styles "what are you doing?" I ask "I'm taking you inside" the guy says "no! Put me down NOW!!" I say thrashing around like an idiot but failing "I give up" I say crossing my arms over my chest "OMG YOUR BLUE!" The guy holding me says before dropping me. I find a corner and hide myself there and cry "why are you crying love?" The half naked one says but fully dressed now "b-because........it's just too complicated!" I say "did you want me to call your father?" One of them asks "yeah sure whatever! See how that'll work for ya?" I say seriously "what will happen huh?" A boy with stripes asks cheekily "I don't know my real father and mother I've never met them!" I say sitting completely still "oh!" Another says "all I know is that im a sister to a famous guy that doesn't know I even exist!" I say "do you know your last name Blue?" Someone says "how did you know my name was blue? Well it's kinda obvious" I say "my last name is horan" I say hearing a lot of gasps "why are you gasping? Everyone does that and it's annoying!" I say still sittin there getting angry "umm it's just Niall here is famous and his last name is horan" one of them says "we're you born 5 minutes before someone?" I ask "ugh let me ask" Niall says taking his phone out and dialing a number "hi mum it's Niall, umm was I born 5 mins before a blue girl?" Niall asks I grunt at that name "blonde boy" I whisper back "oh, what was her name and where is she?" Niall asks "okay thanks mum ill put her on" Niall says giving me the phone "hello?" I ask "hi sweetie it's your mother" she says in the most angelic manner "hi mum" I say "listen you will stay with Niall and treat him well, I will come down and see you in 4 days okay?" She says "but I thought that you didn't want me because I was blue?" I ask "I thought you were dead that's why, I never wanted to let u go" she says "you are niall's twin but blue you have the same features as him but not the same colour." She says "okay thanks mum see you in 4 days bye" I say hanging up and staying quiet "EEK WE'LL HAVE A GIRL AROUND THE HOUSE!!" The guy with stripes says taking my hands and lifting me up into a hug "okay can't breath!" I say pointing to my throat "sorry love, my names Louis the tommo tomlinson!" He screams in my face "IM RIGHT HERE AN IM NOT DEAF DUDE!" I scream back at him "hi my names harry" harry says shooting his hand out. I shake it "I'm liam and that's zayn looking in the mirror" he says "and you must be the famous Niall horan that doesn't have a sister?" I ask "ugh now I do" he says giving me a hug "yay he's giving free horan hugs! Huh! I bet Blue gives better horan hugs then Niall!" Louis squeals "uh huh!" I say 'this is going to be a long 4 days!' I thought

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