Witches and wolves

There is a girl named Blue Horan. Blue by name Blue by nature. Blue and Niall come from a blood line of witches, but out of Niall and blue, Blue only knows and has taught herself the powers of mind control and magic.


1. Blue Horan

Hi my names Blue Horan. I've been adopted by 17 partners, some married. I don't know my biological family. All I know is that I am a sister to someone that doesn't know I exist. I have lightning blue eyes, a light pale blue coloured skin, I have  midnight blue coloured lips and I am 5"3. I am 19 and I am born on the 13tg of September 1993. My real parents thought I was dead so they sent me away from them. I am abused and bullied now, because I am the colour blue. I am abused by my 17th foster parents and bullied by 4 guys at school, Zachery, Chad, Michael and Sam Devour. Yes they are all brothers and they have 3 younger sisters Sarah, Brittany and Angela Devour, the sisters are on the cheerleading squad and the boys are on the football team. Anyway gotta run, run away from school and get into trouble again!

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