New life

Just a girl named Blair who's living a shitty life and who wants to suicid. Cutting herself became a really bad addiction to her and she can't stop it. The only way for her to stop harming herself, it's to meet someone who can make her happy in every moment of her life.


1. Bad idea

I ran home crying! My hands were shaking and I slammed the door. I locked myself in the toilet searching quickly for a sharp object. I looked everywhere and found a razor blade on the floor. I then took it and went to my room. Tears were streaming down my face. My mind was filled with all those insults that Carly and Megan told me today. I couldn't take it anymore. They told me a few thing about my dad and I didn't wanted to even hear his name.  Their hurtful words kept repeating in my mind and I was so sick of it. *Flashback* "Where have you been?" My dad yelled angrily as I oppened the door. "I already told you. I was in Tracy's house to finish my project." I rolled my eyes going upstairs but he blocked my way. "And can you explain me this?" He raised his voice taking out a lipstick from his pocket. My eyes wide when I saw the lipstick and it was mine. I wasn't suppose to wear makeup and I hid my lipstick that I got for my birthday. I just didn't say anything to him. "So now you're trying to impress boys in your school by wearing makeup? You little whore." He threw the lipstick on me and it hit my face. I just ignored him once again. "ANSWER ME WHEN I TALK YOU LITTLE WORTHLESS SLUT." He raised his hand and slapped me with all his force. 

*End of Flashback* I still remember everything my father did to me and my sister. He hit us when we were 10 minutes late from school. He was once about to drown my sister in the pool while he was drunk. Hopefully I stopped him but got hit at the same time. This was when my sister really got pusses and we both ran away from our house. Now were here with in Mullingar, Ireland. We leave 5Miles away from my aunt's house. She's the one taking care of me and my sister since my mom passed away. I only had one bracelet that she gave me before dying. I had it forever and it meant so much to me but Megan broke it and laughed at me when I cried. All the bad memories forced me to harm myself and now it is a bad addiction that I can't stop. Without thinking, I sliced the razor blade down my wrist as I saw the red blood coming out. The pain felt really good. "Blair? Can I come in?" Niall asked knocking on the door. I quickly took a small blanket and put it on my wrist. "Yeah!" I yelled with trembling voice. He entered the room as he sat next to me. "Why are you crying?" He asked. I just looked down ignoring him and waiting for him to get out but he kept asking me questions. Unluckily, the little blanket was white and we could see the blood on it. "Blair? What the hell?? I thought you stopped?" He raised his voice as he took my hand behind my back. He quickly went to my closet to get a scarf and went to the toilet for some unknown reason. He came back with a wet scarf and wrapped it around my wrist. 

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