Are you the one?

Cecilia a girl who dosent know the feeling of love, a boyfriend of any kind, or even a simple hug from a boy. She thinks shes been friendzoned by all the guys at here school until a new kid named Jake comes to the school and falls for her. Will she feel the same way?


1. New Kid

*BRIIIIIINNNNNGGGGG* the bell rings showing hell is over and by hell i mean math class but one good thing about math is Matt Jenkins *sigh* he is the cutest guy known to man kind but sadly he will never go for me, i think ive been friendzoned by all theguys in my school, probably even the nerds sadly, and yes I, Cecilia Jones, has never had a boyfriend or a guy have a crush on me, sad i know. I have a best friend at this school and her name is Samantha, people say we both look like Taylor Swift but never in a million years would i dress like her. Her style is way too girly for me im into more of the gothy, dark style but Samantha could be her twin, thats why we're bffs. After math class i meet Samantha in the cafiteria and our eyes are lookingfor boys, when all of a sudden my eyes meet with this really cute guy ive never seen before.

"Hey Sam do you know who he is *points to cute boy* " I ask Samantha

" Ya he's a new student named Jake why do you liiiiiiiikeeee hiiiiiim?" Samantha answers/ asks.

"Well he is cute but obviously wont go for a girl like me, the girl who has never had a boyfriend" I say

"He is sitting alone why don't you go sit with him?" Samantha suggests

"No i dont want to embariss myself like with Chad in middle school" Chad was a new student at the time and called me flat tits when i went to talk to him wasent very fun being called that for the first year of middle school.

"Bitch, if you dont go chat with him i will take my shirt off right here right now" Samantha says. I know she will so i take my tray and walk my way over to his table and sit.

"Hey, Its ok if i sit here right?" I ask nervously 

"Ya,Ya, of course" Jake answers quite as nervous

I introduce mysel, " My names Cecilia, you're Jake right?"

"Ya, also you dont look like a cecilia, not in a bad way of coursea cute girl like you would have such a cute name like tha-" he covers his mouth and i blush

" well im sorry for being socially akward i'll leave now" he says extreamly nervous

" NO STAY! I mean umm its ok stay here also whats your number so we can chat someime?" I ask. After we exchange numbers its time to go to our next class. At the end of the day I walk home alone, like always, and think about what happened today, a cute guy i dont know called me cute, wow im shocked, *Biiinng* i got a text? who would text me? Jake, obviously. I start to blush as i read the message

Jake:Hey CeCe, is it alright if i call you that? i was texting you to ask if you maybe wanted to hang out at the park on bakers road tomorrow at 3?

Cecilia: ya, and id like that alot :3.

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