Are you the one?

Cecilia a girl who dosent know the feeling of love, a boyfriend of any kind, or even a simple hug from a boy. She thinks shes been friendzoned by all the guys at here school until a new kid named Jake comes to the school and falls for her. Will she feel the same way?


2. Is It Really a Date?

*Ding Dong* "You invited me dark and mysterious Cecilia" Samantha says as i open the door 

" Ya come with me i need to talk to you " I say as i go to the basement to my i get to my room I sit in my desk chair and twirl and point to the bed.

"So um" I start "You know the new kid Jake?Well as I was walking home he texted me and asked if I wanted to hang at the park with him tomorrow."

"What park exactly?" Sam asks 

"Bakers road, why?" I answer

"OMG, thats the date park, HE WANTS TO GO OUT WITH YOU!" She screams

" Ok 1, Keep your voice down so my snitch brother cant tell my parents, 2. How exactly do you know its the date park?" I ask

"Well, you know that time i went to the park with James a few weeks ago?" she says

"Ya, You had a crush on him forever" I Answer

"Well we went to that park and made out under the slide, it wasent the most romantic thing but it was my first makeout sesion" She finishes

"So should I really go?" 

" YES, he obviously really likes you and wants to go on a date with you"

"Well i guess i have to trust a slut like you" I say as we both start laughing and my mind drifts, if he really likes me after a day how will he think of me in a week or a month thinking to much i should just text to get my mind off of it. As I turn on my phone I see 3 messages from no one other than Jake:

Jake:Hey CeCe I was going to ask you if this park thing is a date because if it is its fine with me hehe

Jake: So im just going to say it is a date and maybe we should go some where better than the park

Jake:Yes, No, IDK?

Cecilia: if u want it to be a date then it is, and sure where were you thinking

Jake: Maybe dinner then the movies?

Cecilia: Sure pick me up at 6:30

Jake: See you then <3 

Jake: Whoops um just ignore the heart :S hehe

Cecilia: <3 why would i ignore a heart :)


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