be mine (niall fanfic

hi my name is haley and i am 18 i have blonde hair and blue eyes and my best friend was niall horan from one direction but when he became famous i was nothing to him i havent talked to him since the xfactor and i might just run into him. will she find niall? how will it go?will sparkes fly? if you want to find out keep reading (this is my first fanficso please tell me if its good)


4. the beach

nialls pov

we where on our way to the beach and the hole car ride we talked laughed and we sang along to the radio then the lazy song came on and iremembered she loved bruno marz and i said oh lord she started singing and she said what i said your obssesed with him and we laughed then i said your a really great singer she said no im not im terible no your not i love your singing i said then we pulled up to the beach and got out and we had a picnic and then we went for a swim and last we went for a walk at sunset and now was the time to make my move i stoped walking and grabbed her hand and i said haley i need to tell you something what? she asked i siad well maybe this will explain i said then i leanded in and started kissing her she kissed back and it got passinate and then i tugged at her dress but she said no then i slid my tounge in her mouth then we slowly pulled away with huge smiles on our faces then i siad will you be m girlfriend and she said yes and kissed me soft then we went home

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