be mine (niall fanfic

hi my name is haley and i am 18 i have blonde hair and blue eyes and my best friend was niall horan from one direction but when he became famous i was nothing to him i havent talked to him since the xfactor and i might just run into him. will she find niall? how will it go?will sparkes fly? if you want to find out keep reading (this is my first fanficso please tell me if its good)


1. remembering you

haleys pov

i woke up and i was an hour late for work so i jumped up and went to the bathroom and brushed my hair and then i went to my closet to get dressed i put a pair of bluejean shorts with lace then i put a cream colored flowy shirt and my sandles i grabbed my phone and keys and left when i got to work my friend davide said our boss mr.clay wanted to  see me in his  office so i knocked and he said come in  and he stood up and before i could say anything he started to yell and he siad "your a stupid little brat that think she gets speacial treatment so get out your fired so i ran out with tears in my eyes and i drove home when i got home i went to my room and i sat in my desk chair and started to cry then i saw this old photo album i opened it and their was a picture of me and niall and i started to cry more i hated even thinking about him or seeing one direction so i closed the album and took a shower then i put on  my pj's and went to the kitchen and made potato soup then i remembered that niall used to love it that made me smile wen i was done eating i went to bed


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