be mine (niall fanfic

hi my name is haley and i am 18 i have blonde hair and blue eyes and my best friend was niall horan from one direction but when he became famous i was nothing to him i havent talked to him since the xfactor and i might just run into him. will she find niall? how will it go?will sparkes fly? if you want to find out keep reading (this is my first fanficso please tell me if its good)


3. my little secret

haleys pov

i just woke up to my phone vibrating so i looked and there was a text from niall it said hey doyou want to hangout today?i smiled at this i replyed with a yes when &where ? he said my place bout 7 ish i said ok bye i got up and took a nice hot shower then i put a towl around my hair and body i went to my closet and got a floral dress and some sandles and a braided belt i got dressed and dryed my hair then i curled it and aplyed a natural makeup look i then went down staires and ate breakfast and watched tv then i played the wii and did some stuff around the house then it was about 6:45 so i went and brushed my teeth and grabbed my keys and left

nialls pov

i was waiting for haley to get here so i just got ready cuz i sortof have had a crushon her since 5th grade just then the door bell range i anwered it and their stood the most beautiful girl in the world i said you look beautiful then she blushed i told her to come in and she said what do you want to do i said lets go to the beach she said ok (: with a smile on her face

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