be mine (niall fanfic

hi my name is haley and i am 18 i have blonde hair and blue eyes and my best friend was niall horan from one direction but when he became famous i was nothing to him i havent talked to him since the xfactor and i might just run into him. will she find niall? how will it go?will sparkes fly? if you want to find out keep reading (this is my first fanficso please tell me if its good)


2. is this real

nialls pov

me and the guys dicided to go to nandos and eat so we all got in the limo and left when we got their i thought i saw someone that i knew

haleys pov

my friend lynsy came over and said she was hungry so i said how about we go to nandos she said ok we got in the car and left the car ride was akward and short when we got thier we saw about 200 girls beating on the windows of nandos and thier was a limo out back we cut through the girls and lynsys aunt sarah came out and got us in we asked what that was about and she said some boyband is here i said oh ok then we went to our seats and we started to talk and i looked upand i saw niall and at first i didnt think it was real then i said niall but i didnt think he heard me but he turned around and there stood niall horan and i jumped out of my chair and ran to him and he picked me up and i wraped my legs around him and i was smiling so much i probly looked like an idiot and he said haley is that really you and i said yes as he put me down and he said iv missed you so so much and i said me too so do you want to come sit with us he said and i said only if lynsy can he said ok so we went and sat down and he intoduced us to the boys and lynsy seemed to like zayn cuz they were flirting with each other after dinner niall gave me his number and said we should hang out sometime i said ok see you later

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