I Want You!~A Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction~

Bella Jenkins is just a normal teenage girl. She is in love with the thought of love. Her biggest dream was to meet One Direction and finally her dream was coming true. She and her best friend Julie Miller were going to see their first concert when the unexpected happened to them

This is my first fanfiction so I am sorry if it is bad


3. Who do I love?

Bella's P.O.V Niall just showed up for our date. We left to go out to dinner and when we get there Louis is there with Eleanor. For some reason I am crushed, he has been my crush since the first time I saw him. I wouldn't even like One Direction if it wasn't for Louis. Niall asked me what was wrong I just shook my head I could not explain this to him now. I look over at Louis to see him staring at me. I smile at him and look back at Niall to see him staring at Louis like he is going to kill. I never thought this was happen that my two biggest crushes would fight over me. Louis looks back to Eleanor who doesn't look very happy with him. She tries to be as quiet as she can but I heard every word. Why do you keep staring at her she isn't even that pretty. Eleanor harshly whispered to Louis. I didn't hear a response from Louis. You know what you can stare at her all you want. We are done and for good this time. She said and gets up and leaves. Louis looks like hes about to cry he gets up calmly and walks to the door. I happen to see something wet run down his cheek. I got up and went after him I needed to see if he was ok. I followed him out the door when he stopped right infront of his car and falls to the ground. I scream his name and run to him. He is sitting there crying his eyes out. It made me feel so bad to see him like this he is just to lovable to do that to. I go up to him and get on my knees infront of him and take his hands into mine. He continues to cry I pull him into a hug and he cries even harder. Its my fault I told him No its not its mine I could not stop staring at you. Louis said with a snifle If you don't stop crying I will hit you with a carrot I am not afraid to. Louis laughed, which was adorable, I realize why I love him I always will love him. This is where it will start and our love will never end.

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