I Want You!~A Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction~

Bella Jenkins is just a normal teenage girl. She is in love with the thought of love. Her biggest dream was to meet One Direction and finally her dream was coming true. She and her best friend Julie Miller were going to see their first concert when the unexpected happened to them

This is my first fanfiction so I am sorry if it is bad


1. Is this happening!

Bella's P.O.V "Oh my god Julie! I can't believe this is happening." I yelled as we walked into the arena. We were finally going to a One Direction concert. "I know I get to see Niall! And you get to she Louis." Said as she winked at me. I blushed and told her to shut up and walk. I have always loved Louis, I was one year younger than him, but I saw him on my T.V. and instantly fell in love with him. I have eyes the color of a pool and dark brown hair that falls to my shoulders. Julie is a year younger than me and we are complete opposites, she has blonde hair with baby blue eyes. We continue to walk to our front row seats when the boys come out. Julie screams, "I love you,Niall." Niall smiles at her and gives her a backstage pass. I scream, "I love you Louis." Louis does the same thing Niall did. Julie and I screamed our heads off the whole concert. We go to where we can see the boys and when we get there Julie's fan-girl pops out of her and she passes out right in front of them. I laughed and helped her up. "Sorry," she said after she got up and Niall was quick to see if she was OK  I was just standing there looking at Louis like a complete idiot. He caught me staring at him and he smiled at me and asks  "Whats your name?" I looked around to see who was talking to to realize it was me. "Oh, Sorry it's Bella." He smiled at me and asked who was my favorite band member. I quietly replied "You." I blushed deeply when i said it too. He smiled again and said " I have a very important question for you. Do you eat carrots?" I giggled and said, " Yes, of course I am a Louis fan." He smiles at me once more and gave me a small piece of paper. Then Julie and I left, but before I could go I read the note it said: I hope you have a wonderful day. And to make it better here is my number. Then it had a phone number on it. Me and Julie instantly started giggling at it. And we said this is going to be an awesome weekend.

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