I Want You!~A Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction~

Bella Jenkins is just a normal teenage girl. She is in love with the thought of love. Her biggest dream was to meet One Direction and finally her dream was coming true. She and her best friend Julie Miller were going to see their first concert when the unexpected happened to them

This is my first fanfiction so I am sorry if it is bad


4. I thought the love would never end

Bella's P.O.V

The love I have for Louis is unreal I thought it would never end the key word there is thought. I walked down the street with Niall beside me because all the crazy fans would attack me if I walked alone. Todays guard was Niall, I knew this was a bad idea. We walked down the street when a guy with a camera and he snapped a picture of us. He ran away and I started crying Niall knew why too. He knew I was cryinng because they would lie about me cheating on him just like with Harry and Zayn. When we got half way home he stopped and asked me What he did. This killed me because he didn't do anything but I hugged him just as Louis was turning the corner. Louis stopped and ran to Niall saying get your hands off of her. Louis punched Niall so hard there was a crack of something. I looked at Niall who was holding his nose. I yelled at Louis telling him to stop, he didn't listen though. He kept hitting him over and over then Niall went limp. I screamed and Harry must of heard it because he came running. I ran over to Niall to see if he was Okay but he wouldn't move a shook him once and he woke up. I was realived so I hugged him but as I was hugging him Louis came and ripped me out of his arms. I ripped away from him only from him to grab my wrists and slap me so hard I tasted blood in my mouth he didn't losen his grip. He slapped me again and tears were streaming down my face when he slapped me for the third time. Harry came up to Louis and punched him so he would stop. I spit and it was pure blood I started crying more. Harry took me in his arms and we went to his house. I cried for an hour in Harrys' arms untill there was a knocking on the door. I heard Harry say go away louis you don't have the right to see her. I hear Louis coming so I hid in the closet. When he came into the room I was crying again. He looked all over for me but he couldn't find me. He went back out to Harry and said, "You lied shes not in there." Harry came into the room with pure terror on his face I texted him:

TO: Harry:)- I am in the closet hiding from Louis.

From: Harry:)- You scared me but OK.

Harry looked for me just like Louis avoiding the closet. He went over to Louis and said, "She must be at Niall's" Louis left and I came out crying again Harry just held me untill I stopped. I thought this love was going to last forever but it didn't. I have lost every ounce of love I have ever had for Louis just by his actions. The love has ended and the need for him is gone.

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