I Want You!~A Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction~

Bella Jenkins is just a normal teenage girl. She is in love with the thought of love. Her biggest dream was to meet One Direction and finally her dream was coming true. She and her best friend Julie Miller were going to see their first concert when the unexpected happened to them

This is my first fanfiction so I am sorry if it is bad


2. Crushes

Louis P.O.V We continue to talk with the girls and I can't help to stare at Bella. I notice neither can Niall I watch him as he looks at her and smiles when she catches him. They smile at each other when Niall gets up and goes over to her and sits beside Bella. This angers me I want to just throw a carrot at his face. L Louis are you okay you look like you are going to throw something at someone. Yeah I am and it's a carrot. Bella laughs and she continues to flirt with Niall. He gives his number to him and winks at her and she says she will be there at 8:30. I cant believe he just asked her out and she said YES. I was getting up to go punch Niall in the face when Eleanor walks in. If it wasnt for her Niall wpuld have a bloody nose. Louis we have a date remember. Yes I remember lets go before a carrot is harmed. I hear the distant laugh of Bella when I walk out the door with Eleanor. (Sorry this is a short chapter this is my first Fanfiction)
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