I Want You!~A Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction~

Bella Jenkins is just a normal teenage girl. She is in love with the thought of love. Her biggest dream was to meet One Direction and finally her dream was coming true. She and her best friend Julie Miller were going to see their first concert when the unexpected happened to them

This is my first fanfiction so I am sorry if it is bad


7. A second chance

Harry and I sat in silence we were sitting close but not like we usually do. I looked into his eyes,which were big and puffy from crying, and didn't see the usually light that was there. We sat like that for about twenty minutes then finally Harry spoke up.

"You need to talk to Louis, and soon." Harry whispered. I looked at him completely baffled by him. I was so shocked that I couldn't even speak.

"I-I have to do what, you expect me to talk to him after what he did to me." I said to him clearly upset.

" I need you to, this is the bands last day if not." Harry said. He started to cry again. I knew how much the band meant to him. I nodded at him and he hugged me then kissed my softly on the cheek.

"Do I have to do it in person though?" I said in a whisper. He shook his head no. I was relived yet more worried, but I wanted to do it in person so I agreed to it. I had three hours to get ready for my "date" with Louis. I went to my room and laid on the bed for about ten minutes and fell asleep. My dream was not a dream but a nightmare


I was sitting in my room just sitting waiting for the right time to get ready to meet Louis. There was a knock on the door ans I got up to see who it was. I opened the door to see Louis standing there with a knife saying you will give me a second chance or I will kill you. I screamed shut the door and locked it. He said you can't hide in there forever. Then he started stabbing the door with the knife breaking through. I looked around and went to the closet and hid in there when he started breaking through. I ran through the door past hi to see the door blocked by Eleanor. I screamed and looked behind me to see Louis waiting I ran to the window and looked down. I regretted doing this but I hopped out the window get away I screamed when I realized that the flat was over 10 storied high. As I fell I screamed.


I was suddenly awakened by Harry pounding on the door I got up and unlocked it. He was crying he was so worried. I hugged him and told him it was just a bad dream. He backed up and told me I have an hour until I meet Louis. I gasped and went to the closet and went into the bathroom to take a shower. He followed me and I asked

"May I help you?" I asked him and he was winking at me I instantly knew what he was thinking. He wanted to take a shower with me. I grabbed his hand and told him to c'mon. He took off his clothes and I did the same. We got in the shower and he started massaging my back. I let my head fall back and a moan escape me. He laughed and he moved his hands around my body reaching up until he got to my chest. I gasped and he started to massage my breasts. I moaned in excitement and let my hands go to his chest. Then they slowly went down....


After we got done I got out of the shower and we went to meet Louis. I went there my mind still on earlier. I walked in the coffee shop looking for Louis and I saw him in the back of the shop sitting by himself with a cup of coffee. I slowly walked over there to see him smiling. He got up and greeted me, "Hello," I was so nervous I just nodded at him and sat down.

"We need to talk," Louis said with hesitation he was nervous too.

"Okay, that's fine." I said almost whispering.

"I want to apologize to you, I never meant to hurt you, I have a jealousy problem and when I saw you with Niall it made me angry." He said with tears coming to his eyes. I felt so bad he was obviously sorry for what he did.

" I know Louis, and it's okay I know you never meant to hurt me." I said to him. I continued to stare into his eyes getting lost in them. They were so beautiful I couldn't help myself. I found myself leaning in and him coming closer too. Only a few inches apart he smashed his lips against my in a sweet yet subtle way. I kissed back not thinking of what I was doing only that this was the day I was going to give Louis Tomlinson a second chance.

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