Am I his princess?

A young girl has been tortured by life. Her parents died when she was really young and her uncle beats her. You think her life gets better once she meets Niall Horan but could it have gotten worse? All the hate gets to her and all the paparazzi give her no privacy. Can she live with it? I don't want to give to much away so read and see :)


1. The Beginning

 'I HATE YOU' I yelled at him hoping he didn't hear me. I had forgotten his hearing was top notch! He heard me and raced up the stairs! 

   I woke up the next morning on the outdoor cold winter snow. I had no memory what so ever. Where was I? Who am I? What am I doing here? I looked around and saw a pool of blood around where I had lay before. What had happened? I touched the back of my head and felt a sharp burn. I looked back down at my hand and saw blood. My teeth were shattering from the cold and my hands and legs were numb. I started walking wherever my feet took me. I looked around lost and tried to see if anything would trigger my memory.

Niall's POV

    One Direction was on break and I decided to go back to Ireland and visit my family. I just woke up to a cold breeze through the door. It was mid-winter and it was freezing outside. My dad called from downstairs saying breakfast was ready. No one had to tell me twice. I flew down the stairs and stuffed some bacon in my mouth. 'Morning' he said. 'Morning pops' I said through chews. My dad smiled and told me that I eat like a pig then slowly sat down next to me and stuffed bacon in his mouth as well.

    When Greg finally walked down most of the bacon was gone. 'HEY!' said Greg. Me and dad exchanged glances and laughed 'Should have come faster' we both said at the same time. Greg mumbled 'pigs' and got some hot cocoa. Even though Greg was 24, he still lived with dad. He didn't mind since dad was never home and Greg had the house to himself. Dad was happy he had company. Greg spent most of his time out but he was home a lot too.

   We were at the living room couch by now watching the Lakers game. Hey! I don't complain. In the corner of my eye I saw someone walking on the streets. I walked closer to the window and froze. She was beautiful, clueless and cold.


CLIFFHANGER!! (if you didn't read this before) So like guys I started posting on this and I am 54 chapters into it. I will be posting bit by bit and once I get at least 20 favorites I will post the next chapter. Read on my carrots ;) 


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