Am I his princess?

A young girl has been tortured by life. Her parents died when she was really young and her uncle beats her. You think her life gets better once she meets Niall Horan but could it have gotten worse? All the hate gets to her and all the paparazzi give her no privacy. Can she live with it? I don't want to give to much away so read and see :)


5. My Disappearance..........

Niall's POV.

   The next day I woke up with 'her' in my arms. Last night we fell asleep watching '21 Jumpstreet'. I decided not to push her to remember. She started to wake up and I looked down at her. I smiled and she looked up at me and blushed. She was so beautiful. 'You are so beautiful. You know that?' She blushed even more and didn't say anything. I went to the kitchen and put some waffles in the toaster. I sat down in the living room next to her and turned on the TV. There was a picture of her on the screen and we both sat up in our seats and our eyes were glued to the TV. 'Last night, Darcy Marlin went missing from her home. If anyone sees her please contact her father Bob Marlin. 'We were both asleep and I heard her go down to the kitchen but never heard her come back up. Possibly she left on her own. Darcy if you are watching this please come back home. Honey, I miss you!' her father said. If you see her anywhere contact (718) 672-7931.

   I was shocked and she looked shocked too. So her name was Darcy and she ran away from home? Didn't look like it. But she definitely was not kidnapped because how would she find her way here? Her dad didn't look like he missed her either. She started crying again. 

Darcy's POV  

   After I saw all that I remembered. I am Darcy Marlin and I am 17 years-old. Where I woke up? Yeah, that was my backyard. The rest is still a bit of a blur. Then I realized I was sitting next to Niall Horan from my favorite band One Direction. 'AHHHHH!!!!' I started fan girling and he jumped up. 'WHAT?!' he yelled. 'Y-y-yo-ur Nia-ll Hor-rr-ran from One Direction' I stuttered out. 'Oh! I see you’re a fan. Yes I am Niall! And I see you are getting your memory back!' 

Niall's POV. 

   When she yelled I got scared. Apparently she is a One Direction fan well that’s good I guess. 'So I see you are getting your memory back' I said. 'most of it' she replied. 'Do you remember what happened with your dad?' I asked her. 'A little but not that clearly.' 'OK! Well the boys are coming next week and we are leaving to the 1D house. 'And?' she asked. 'You are coming with us until you fully remember!’ 'YAY! I get to meet AND live with THE One Direction' she said with a goofy grin on her face. She was so beautiful I just wanted to hug and kiss her. Wait.... am I falling for her? It can't be. I just met her!


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