Am I his princess?

A young girl has been tortured by life. Her parents died when she was really young and her uncle beats her. You think her life gets better once she meets Niall Horan but could it have gotten worse? All the hate gets to her and all the paparazzi give her no privacy. Can she live with it? I don't want to give to much away so read and see :)


7. I met the others or..............?

    I started running and balling my eyes out. I couldn't run anymore so I stopped. I saw a bench in a very pretty park. I can't really tell what it looks like except that it's blurry. I cupped my face and started balling my eyes out. 'Wh-yy whe-en I fi-ind the guy I r-eeally real-lly want I ha-have to lo-sse him?" I mumbled between sobs. I looked up, closed my eyes and yelled 'WHY ME!!' and cupped my face again without bothering to look up or ahead. 

    Over my sobs I heard the bench squeak on the other side. I looked over and saw a cute boy with adorable dimples and green eyes. He was smiling until he realized I had been crying. 'What's wrong love?’ I managed to stop crying and forget everything. 'Nothing' I said pretty cold. His expression now looked hurt and upset. I looked at him and I felt bad 'I'm so-sorry for coming out coldly. I aren't really in the mood'. 'I can see that' he smirked. Wow. Jerk much? 'What do you want?' I snapped but this time I didn't feel bad at all!! 'Ha! We got a feisty one boys!' Boys? He motioned some boys over and thy looked familiar but I couldn't quite grasp it. 'Who are you?' They all looked shock. Was I supposed to know them? I don't remember them.

     The mature looking one said 'Us? Well we are -' 'ONE DIRECTION!' yells the one with blue eyes and should I say very nice red jeans and his bum looked quite well too ;) I smirked. 'What?' he asked. 'Nothing' 'WHAT?!' 'NOTHING!!' 'Tell me!!!!!!! ‘He whined. 'Why do you want to know so badly?' 'I just do' 'Well 2 things but you don't need to know' 'TELL ME! OR I WILL MAKE YOU!' 'how?' I smirked again. He came up to me with an evil smile and started tickling me. Oh and should I mention I am VERY ticklish. 'AHHHh!!!! STOPPPPPPPP' 'TELL ME' 'NO!' 'THAN I WILL KEEP TICKLING YOU' 'FINE!' 'FINE?' he stopped tickling me. Before he realized what happened, I ran out of his arms. 'Adios suckazz!!!' 



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