Am I his princess?

A young girl has been tortured by life. Her parents died when she was really young and her uncle beats her. You think her life gets better once she meets Niall Horan but could it have gotten worse? All the hate gets to her and all the paparazzi give her no privacy. Can she live with it? I don't want to give to much away so read and see :)


3. And so we met...

   I forgot I was just in sweatpants until I came out. I draped the jacket over her shoulders which made her jump up in fear. 'Shh' I said 'don't worry, I don't bite’. She giggled. Her laugh was absolutely adorable. Her brown and blonde highlighted curly hair dropped perfectly over her right shoulder. Her eyes were hazel and green and absolutely stunning! I couldn't help but grin like an idiot.     :D

   She started crying. 'Did I do something wrong?' I asked. 'N-n-no' She stuttered. She looked at the ground. I gently lifted her chin and looked her in her beautiful, red shot eyes. I wiped away her tears with my thumbs. She was staring at my abs so I playfully told her that my face was up here. I couldn't help but laugh. 'So, what's wrong?' I saw she couldn't tell me and I pulled her into a hug. 

'Her' POV

    I was walking and starting to remember little pieces. I remember my brother and my parents. I suddenly felt something on my shoulder. I jumped up in fear and saw a handsome boy with blond hair that was messy, no shirt on just sweatpants and beautiful blue eyes like crystals. You could see he had just waked up. 'Shh' he said 'Don't worry, I don't bite'. That made me giggles. He grinned.

    He was staring at me. I remembered something! I burst out crying. He asked if he did something wrong and I felt bad for making him think that. 'N-n-no' I stuttered. He gently touched my chin and lifted my face and we made eye contact. He wiped away my tears with his thumbs. I stared at his abs. He caught me staring and playfully said 'my face is up here' then giggled and I did too. God his laugh was sexy. He asked me what was wrong. I couldn't' tell everything to a complete stranger. He pulled me into a hug. It felt so right.




So guys I don't even have 1 view: HA! I would really appreciate it if you guys actually read and commented oh well. I updated early my little carrots. DON'T FORGET THE CONTEST!!! xxx



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