I Wanna Save You,Tonight

Anna is a normal teenager who LOVES One Direction.Although she suffer from depression.She always thought that killing herself was the only answer.But there was only one thing that kept her alive...One Direction.If it wasn't for them I wouldn't be alive she thought.One day while listening to the song Save You You Tonight by One Direction she bumps into Liam Payne of One Direction.Her life changed forever from there on.Will she fall for Liam or one of the other 1D guys? Find out here!


4. With The Boys

Anna's POV:

I really liked the ride. Liam and I had really nice conversation although I kept getting lost in those beautiful dark brown eyes. I also fangirled a bit. Guilty. Who wouldn't? We got of the limo and Liam knocked on the door. The so called 'house' was a freaking MANSION."Like the house?" I nod my because I'm speechless at the sight of this mansion.It was colored with dark peach color with a beautiful garden and a gigantic pool in the back. I heard beautiful voices in the background of our surrounding."That must be the boys" he had such a sexy British accent.It gave me goosebumps allover my body.Inside were the boys.They all turned around at the same time.Wow they must really be like brother.I laughed at the thought."What's so funny?" asked a curious familiar Irish accent.It was Niall. He was playing guitar while the boys were practicing a song.I was burning red again."uh..uh..nothi-" "Nothing" Liam finished my sentence."Well aren't you going to present us,Liam?" said another British accent.That must have been Louis."Oh,Yeah..." "Well,this is Anna and Anna I think you know the boys,right?" "Ello Anna!" they together as if in a harmony."Hi" I said more confidently.I waved my hand."Who wants lunch!?" Of course that was Niall."Me!" everybody said at the same.Then there was silence then laughing.I love these guys.I never knew what it was to have brother or sisters,I didn't have a dad,and my mom was more into alcohol than her own daughter.She started drinking because of her idiot boyfriend who got her into that in the first place.At about age 15 I stated cutting and self harming.I couldn't take it,I never ever felt loved.I didn't have friends at school or anybody to be there for me.It was depressing.Now for the first time in my life I actually felt....Loved."Alright then were shall we go?" I asked politely but confidently.No answer. Eveyrbody was now staring at me."What?" 

Niall's POV:

Her voice was beautiful.I was speechless and so were the other boys.I guess they thought the same thing."Do you sing?" the words slipped out of my mouth.I turned red.Everybody was staring at me as I put my hands over my mouth."Yeah I actually do,I know all your songs,and I also play guitar." I was already head over heels for Anna."Can you demonstrate?'' More words slipped out my mouth I couldn't help it."I don't know..." she lost her confidence and tried to boost it up. "Come on" everybody else helped out too."here you can my guitar." She took my guitar,she had such soft hands."Which song should I play?" "You choose" I remembered that Liam was the one that bought her home so he must have liked her.So I kinda backed away."Ok how about Save You Tonight?" "Yeah" everybody said.She started and then everybody joined with her."I-I wanna you,wanna save your heart tonight..." she had an angle's voice.

Liam's POV:

Anna had an angle's voice.I still didn't understand why she cut herself but I didn't care I really liked her.I can see how Niall liked her too then he saw me and kinda backed away.We sang the whole song.After everybody looked satisfied,we decided to go get lunch."Nandos!!!" exclaimed Niall."Nah Niall we always go there!" complaimed Harry. Niall stuck his tongue out at Harry as if he were a little kid which caused Anna to giggle I giggled too.Then the thought came to me."Oh I know!" as I raised my hand.Anna giggled,that's what I expected."I know this really great place,I forgot what it was called though." Everybody stared at me with a blank look,waiting for an answer."...BUT!" I startled everyone. "I still remember the directions" "Yay!" Anna said with an let's-go-already face."What are waiting for then?" asked Louis."Zayn" said Harry "He looking for his mirror. Everybody giggled.Finally Zayn came out with his mirror."What did I miss?" "Nothing now lets go!" 

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