I Wanna Save You,Tonight

Anna is a normal teenager who LOVES One Direction.Although she suffer from depression.She always thought that killing herself was the only answer.But there was only one thing that kept her alive...One Direction.If it wasn't for them I wouldn't be alive she thought.One day while listening to the song Save You You Tonight by One Direction she bumps into Liam Payne of One Direction.Her life changed forever from there on.Will she fall for Liam or one of the other 1D guys? Find out here!


3. The Conversation

Liam's POV:

"I think you know me,right?" I said playfully.

"Yeah your Liam Payne!" Anna said.I love the sound of her voice saying my name!

"You look like a nice girl Anna,can I have your number?"

Anna's POV:

Oh my god.oh my god did Liam Payne just ask for number?No.I have to be dreaming.This can't be true.I love One Direction but if I had to pick a favorite it would be Liam. What a coincidence. "Yeah sure" I said trembling.We exchanged numbers.Once again he asked if I was ok. He was always worried about me,like he cared about me already. "Yeah" I said while playfully punching in the arm."Ow" he said like a little kid.That made me giggle.He also giggled.I lifted up my sleeve and said "See?No harm done." As I lifted up head because I heard no answer and thought something was wrong.Then I see the expression on his face mouth wide open and shocked.I looked down to see.OH SHIT.Big mistake.I revealed the cuts and scars that I made.I felt tears forming in my eyes.

Liam's POV: 

I saw her cuts and scars.I was so shocked.I was totally speechless at what I was seeing.How can someone as beautiful as Anna cut and hurt herself.I looked up at her.Oh Man.She was about to cry.I held her arm.She lost it she started to cry so I hugged her real tight and we sat at the nearest bench."It's alright Anna,I'm here for you.just let it all out." After she was done,I hugged her real tight to make her feel safe."You ok now? "Yeah" "Let's g-" before I could finish my sentence she said "where?" "oh my gosh I'm sorry for interrupting you! It's just...I'm worried." "It's ok Anna" "Let's go.I'll take you to meet the boys."

Anna's POV:

Oh my god...I'm going to meet ONE DIRECTION!!!! Ok keep your cool calm down. Liam will not like it if you fangirl now. So I went with the flow and say "Yeah sure.I would love to!" "We will take the limo" Oh my god A LIMO! Keep your,keep your cool. Liam grabbed my hand as if we were dating. I loved it.We walked to a parked Limo at park's parking lot.We got in a the driver drived us to the boy's house.  

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