I Wanna Save You,Tonight

Anna is a normal teenager who LOVES One Direction.Although she suffer from depression.She always thought that killing herself was the only answer.But there was only one thing that kept her alive...One Direction.If it wasn't for them I wouldn't be alive she thought.One day while listening to the song Save You You Tonight by One Direction she bumps into Liam Payne of One Direction.Her life changed forever from there on.Will she fall for Liam or one of the other 1D guys? Find out here!


5. Author's Note <3

Ello Loves! How is this movella?Is it good?This is actually my first one.So on to the movella...What do you think is going to happen at dinner?Will it great with Anna and Liam or will Niall bump in and fall head over heals for Anna instead? Or will another be interested? Let's find out!(I am planning on writing another movella after this....Opinions?should I)?

                                                                  Lots and Lots of Love,

                                                                                                     TheTommoTomlinsonLove a.k.a Brianna


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