Once In A Life Time

Carter Bolton was a normal teenager. She isn't the most popular, but isn't the biggest loser (haha see what I did there? No? Okay.) either. She has her group of friends. She works at TOMS Shoe store. What happens when she meets her celebrity crush? What happens when she finally gets her dream job? Will it all be worth it???? You'll have to read to find out!!! *evil laugh* muahahahahahaha (Sorry for my weirdness)


5. Flash Back

Carter's P.O.V.

Ok. I really hope that this date will be really awesome. I just need to get my mind off of Chase. But its kind of hard considering what he did...

Flash Back~~~~

I was 17 and I still lived at home with my dad and brother, Chase. I was always a daddy's girl. I loved my dad. I never really new my mum. My dad says that she died when I was one because of a stroke. So yeah I never really knew her. One day, Chase left to get some drinks with his friends. I stayed home with my dad and watched a movie. Around 11 pm is when Chase walked in drunk beyond belief. My dad just shrugged it off and went back to the movie. I guess my brother thought well i dont what he thought but the next thing i knew was Chase on top of my dad beating him shitless. I yelled at Chase to stop, but he wouldn't. Eventually after about an hour i think, my dad was dead. I just sat there right next to him crying, until Chase picked me up. "LET ME DOWN NOW, CHASE!" I yelled. "Not a chance princess." he said. Next thing I know, Im thrown onto my bed and chase taking my clothes off. I tried to stop him but he tied me down. I know what a great brother! *note the sarcasim* He rapped me. After an hour of rapping he got up and got a knife. He dragged the knife down from chest to my bellybutton. i screamed and screamed, but know one heard me. Ever since then I stayed out of contact with chase. Until now.

Flash back ends~

I didnt even realize I was crying until Zayn asked if I was ok. "What? Oh yeah. Im fine. Allergies is all." I lied. He just shrugged it off and continued driving. Well Chase just has to ruin everything doesnt he?

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