Have you ever wondered what summer would be like with Justin Bieber and even more amazing things just read to find out


4. Who is that person............................................Justin?

Who is that person?
It clicked that, that was JUSTIN FUCKING BIEBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You wanted to go ask for a picture with him but you played it cool and just walked over and "accidentally" ran into him. Then thought maybe i should not have done that (sorry i never named the main person her name is Alyssa).

J: fuck you spilled my drink on me!!!!!

U: Im sorry i wasnt paying attention

Justin looked up and looked in your eyes then smiled......BIG

J: no its ok

U: do you want me to get you a new drink

J: how about you come with me and we get a drink together

U: YES THAT WOULD BE AWESOME i mean umm ya sure

J: haha your cute

U: thanks *starts blushing and tried to hide your face*

J: aww is someone blushing? Justin teased

U: no

J: haha yes, here. *hands you a drink*

U: thanks

J: no problem beautiful, want to dance?

U: umm sure

So you two were dancing and having a good time, just having fun, living life, being TEENS.

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