Have you ever wondered what summer would be like with Justin Bieber and even more amazing things just read to find out


10. Mall day with Justin

Wanna go to the mall? Justin said while caressing my leg
me: do we have to wear a disguise?

Justin: i do. you dont.

me: ok sure (:

i got up and walked to my room grabbed a white flowy shirt and purple skinny jeans with white supras. Then walked into my bathroom to take a shower

*45 minutes later* 

i was all ready i was just waiting for Justin to finish his hair. Oh Justin and his hair. Haha hes so cute!!!(:

Justins P.O.V (haha i just realized Justin doesnt know her name.... no one does, sorry. Her name is Alyssa)
Alyssa is so beautiful!!!!(: Shes so perfect!!! The way her long beautiful brown hair falls right above her hips. How short she is. She actually is really short haha she looks about 5'4. And her eyes oh geez i get lost in her beautiful blue eyes. I know your thinking a brunette with blue eyes, but yes she has blue eyes. Shes just so perfect and nice!!(:
Alyssa P.O.V

we finally arrived at the mall. Justin had a disguise on. It was kinda weird but after awhile i got used to it. 
Justin: you should get this!!!! (he was holding up a purple dress that goes a little below my potty area haha)

Me: Just....i mean whatever i call you hehe dont you think thats a little small?
Justin: no i think its perfect. Go try it on

i walked into the dressing area and tried it on

Justin: so do you like it?

Alyssa: i dont know 

Justin: let me see it

Justins P.O.V

She came out and just looked so beautiful!! Purple is definitely her color!!! It was a little short but it looked good on her and complimented her curves!!(;

Alyssa: should i get?

Me: no

Alyssa: ok

Me: i shall get it for you(:

Alyssa: oh no Justin ill ge-

i put pointer finger over her perfect little lips

Me: im getting it for you(:

Alyssas P.O.V

i shrugged. i didnt want Justin to get it because i would feel bad. I have the money to get it 

We spent all day at the mall. Justin bought me a whole purple wardrobe. I felt bad so i snuck 250 dollars in his glove compartment!

Hope you all enjoyed it!!!! Ill update either later or tomorrow!!(: Ill update a lot more because i got a laptop!!! AHHH at first i was updating with a ipod so it was hard!!!


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