Have you ever wondered what summer would be like with Justin Bieber and even more amazing things just read to find out


3. Justins tweet

So I was on the plane to go to LA and grabbed out my zebra sparkly IPhone and looked at my twitter. Your a huge belieber and decided to go look at Justin's twitter and saw a tweet that said " @justinbieber: heading back home to LA" and it made you wonder if you might meet him but you stopped thinking about that cause it wont happen (little did she know)
*few hours later#
You were off the plane and going to your hotel now
30 minutes later you made it to your hotel and you saw there was a beach across the street and people about your age partying so went to go check it out. You put on your bathing suit on and shorts. When you got there someone offered you a beer, you didnt want it but took it to be nice. Then you thought "wait im on vacation and young!!!" You drank one beer but thats it. You met a lot of nice people but one person looked so familiar............................
who is that person????

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