Have you ever wondered what summer would be like with Justin Bieber and even more amazing things just read to find out


1. Finally school is out

Today is finally that last day of school!! I'm so happy because this summer my mom is letting me go to L.A. YAY. 

A(Abbie my best friend): hey girl finally SUMMER!!

U: what time is it?


U: haha well gotta go plane leaves in like 4 hours BYE LOVE YOU!!

so you were in your car listening to music and your favourite song came on Beauty and A Beat by Justin Bieber. You were singing along and having fun. As soon as you got home the song ended.  


M: hey sweety you packed?

U: yep 

M: ok good well here's dinner and then you might wanna get in your way. Damn what am I saying I don't want you to go :( I'm gonna miss you

U: Mom I'm leaving for the summer not 2 years

M: I know I know 

U:ok well I'm gonna eat on the way bye mom love you

M: sweetie

U: what?!?!

M: your stuff is in your room

U: oh ya haha I feel like such a blonde sometimes

10 mins later you were on your way to the airport


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