Sequel to Birthday Surprise. Please read,


6. The future

That was amazing. I told him.

Thanks. He said. The rest of the night we spent on the mountains. I was so happy. I really love him. We got back home at like 1 am. Harry spent the night at my house. From then on I knew to trust him. I knew that he wouldn't lie to me. I was happy with him. Most importantly, he loved me and I loved him. We were like the perfect couple. Of course we have had our little fights but that didn't stop us or our love. And soon, after I graduated college and majored in music. I became Harry's wife, Mrs. Stylez. He proposed on my birthday. We had an amazing wedding. I was just happy that my love for Harry was really forever. Now I can say that Harry Styles and I lived


Wow mommy that was a nice story. It's like you're a princess and daddy is the prince. And you were always friends with uncle Ryan and aunt Tien. My 8 year old daughter Darcy told me.

Yes sweetheart, and someday you'll find your prince. I said kissing her forehead and tucking her in bed tightly. Sleep tight ok? I said. 

Ok mommy, I love you.

Me too, goodnight. I turned the lights to her room off and headed to bed. Harry was already in bed.

What took so long. he said while I got in bed and hugged me tightly. 

I told her the story of how we met. I said kissing his nose.

Oh really, did she like it? He asked.

She loved it. I replied.

I love you sweetheart. Harry said.

Me too, my Prince. I replied. With that we kissed and we fell asleep in each other's arms.♥ =)




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