Sequel to Birthday Surprise. Please read,


1. Omg, I'm so sorry

My pov: 

So, Harry and I have been dating for over two weeks and its been amazing. He's the best thing that has ever happened to me. One day I was at his house. I was allowed to spend the day with him. His parents were in new york. I was making lunch for the both of us. Sandwiches. Whenever I "cook" I like to listen to to music. I was listening to the radio. Harry was upstairs. I was listening to the radio when Don't You Worry Child came on. I went insane, I love them so much.

I started singing and dancing all over the kitchen. When the song finished I realized that Harry was fillming me.

Harry what are you doing! I screamed.

You were hilarious. He laughed. 

That is so not funny. I said with a pouty face on.

Ok, ok i'll erase it, if you can catch me. He said and started running.

Harry get over here. I said chasing him. He was so much faster than me. After chasing him for a few minutes I decided to play a trick on him. I fell on the floor and prettended to be hurt. 

Ow, ow Harry I'M hurt. I yelled laying on the floor.

Omg, im so sorry are you ok, i'll go get an ice pack. He said desperately. 

Harry, Harry, I'm fine I didnt get hurt. I said. His face fell into a frown.

Dont ever do that to me again. He yelled. I was hurt for him yelling at me. And of course he noticed that.

Laura I-im so sorry. I didnt mean to yell. He said. I just went to the bathroom. I always did that when I was sad. I knew he was sorry, but he had never yelled at me before and it really hurt me. 









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