Sequel to Birthday Surprise. Please read,


3. LUKE!!!!!!!!!!

Every now and then I check Harry's phone and he checks mine. One day I checked his texts. Most of them were about us. Like some read, "hey babe what u up 2" or "hey princess". He's so sweet. Until I came to an unknown number, I opened the text. It read "so want to hang out some more babe your so hot, Jamie!" I felt like crying, how could he do this to me. (Jamie was a girl from school)

Harry get over here! I yelled.

Babe, what's wrong? He asked.

What's the meaning of this text? I shouted.

What text? He read the text and his eyes widened. I-I don't know. He replied.

Well I do. How could you do this to me. I thought you loved me. But I guess I was wrong you dont . Your cheating on me. And with Jamie!!!!! I shouted and left his house. I couldnt believe it, Harry cheated on me. I cried myself to sleep that night. The next morning I checked my phone and found 20 text messages and 35 voice mails. Wow. I didnt answer any of them I was still heart broken. After a while I had a text from him that read, " babe please we need to talk its not what it looks like, please." I responded by saying, " I trusted you, I gave this a second chance and you ruined it!" I threw my phone on my bed. The next day he called me. I answered it .

Laura please wait don't hang up. Harry said.

What do you want. I replied, clearly pissed off.

Can I please see you so we can talk.

Fine, be at my house at 7pm. I replied and hung up. I got ready. I dont know why, but whenever I change outfits I feel better. 

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