Sequel to Birthday Surprise. Please read,


5. I love you

I'm so sorry Harry I should've believed you. I know you love me and I judged that. I'm so sorry. I cried out.

Shh shh it's ok. Dont cry. He said.

I dont want to cry, your making me cry. I laughed/cried out.

Ok. Harry said. Look at me. He tilted my head up so I could meet his deep green eyes, that I was madly in love with. I love you, with all my heart, ok. I will never let anything or anyone come between us. He said

Ok. I sniffed.

Well you no I have waited a long time. So can I please have I kiss? He asked.

Of course. I replied. Then we kissed. A lot. I was so happy.

I love you. I said

Me too. He replied. I missed your lips against mine. I giggled. We kept kissing in he car. Then he said.

I have a surprise. We got out the car. I didn't noice that we were, like on the mountains. I could see the whole city view. It was beautiful.

Harry this is amazing. I said.

Wait there's more. He said. Suddenly a big flashy sign popped over the city. It read. I love you, I'm so sorry.

Harry I have no words. I said.

Then dont say anything. He replied and he kissed me. I literaly have the best life ever.

I brought my kazoo. Harry said.

Ok. What are you gonna sing. I asked.

Hmmm, how about Lucky. He suggested. 

Sure. He started 'playing' his kazoo. And began to sing, he sings sooo good.

Since the song was a duet we both started singing. It really explained our relationship. 

The chorus:

Lucky I'm in love with my best friend

Lucky to have been where I have been

Lucky to be coming home again. 


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