Sequel to Birthday Surprise. Please read,


4. Can I please explain ?

I changed into the dress Harry gave me. It was a puffy, fower dress. It's gorgeous! I put on some light makeup. I let my hair fall down and put on a flower headband. I was still in my room, when I heard the doorbell ring. I went downstairs and opened the door. Harry was standing outside.

Hi. He said with a smile.

What do you want? I asked angerly.

Can you come with me. He asked pointing to his car.

For what? I asked, clearly annoyed.

Its a surprise. He said.

Fine. I got in the car and he drove. About an hour later I fell asleep. I must have slept for a long time. After a while I felt I big hand shake my arm.

Laura we're here. Harry said.

Hm, oh ok . I yawned. 

Your so pretty when you sleep. He said.

Thanks. I smiled at that point.

Finally I get to see your smile. He said. Look, I know you dont want to hear excuses, but I have one that you need to hear. Remember that last year my dad died? I nodded yes. And remember that when that happened I kind of became emo. Well remember I dated Jamie. Recently she's been texting me. I've told her to back off but she just won't listen. When you read that message I tried to explain. Im so sorry for what happened. I hope you believe me, please I love you to much to let you go please give me another chance. His eyes were filled with tears at this point. I've never seen him cry. My heart was broken into millions of pieces. Then suddenly we both broke out crying.

Im so sorry Laura I didn't mean to hurt you. Harry said.


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