One Direction Imagines

So, I've been debating on doing this or not, but I figure I won't get many requests anyway, so here are some imagines! If you want one, I need to know this:
Strange habits/fears/obsessions;
Where you're from;
Family Background;
What you want the plot to be;
Which Boy(s);
Note that if you feel uncomfortable giving away any of this information, MAKE IT UP! If you really live in America, but in your imagine you want to be from Ireland, just say you're from Ireland, I don't care. If you really have a perfect family, you all get along perfectly fine, but for the story line, you want to have been abused, say that. Remember, it's YOUR story, tell me what YOU want to happen! I'm trying to make these appealing to you! As for the plot, if you want to be famous and your one of the boys' celebrity crush, say so! THANK YOU, MY LILIESSSS!!! <3 xx


3. Nathalie & Louis

A/N: PLEASE READDD!!! Okay, so hey! I know, I know! I suck at this! I have kept y'all waiting forever! So, here it is! I hope you enjoy this, Nathalie! (I will also try to do some other ones today, too!) Sorry if it sucks. :P <3 xx P.s. I really love this idea! You are brilliant!


Nathalie's POV

"I'm bored!" I whined as my husband, Louis, came and sat beside me on the cream colored sofa. I was 19, and married. I know that some people say that young marriages don't work, but I love Louis and I know that we will always be together.


"Lucky for you! Guess what I found when I was cleaning out the attic today?" He grinned, pulling his hands from behind his back, showing me what was in his hands.


"Oh my gosh! You found those tapes?" I squealed, grabbing them from his hands and looking at them.


I read through the names on the tapes, pulling out the oldest one called 'Nat and Lou after 3rd Grade Play'. I popped it into the disc player, snuggling up with Louis as he brushed his fingers through my chestnut hair.


He found the 3 blonde streaks, braiding them together, like he always did. Weird kid.


I smiled and snuggled deeper as the film began.


"Congratulations guys! Can you tell us what you just did?" My dad asked as he zoomed in on my face, then pointing it at Louis, who had a massive grin on his face.


"We just did a play!" Louis yelled, as he jumped up in the air.


"You did?" My mother cooed, acting as if we were 4 years old.


We both nodded, the biggest smiles on our faces.


"And where are we now?" Jay, Louis' mother, asked.


"We're celebrating at the ice cream parlor!" I practically screamed, the old woman behind the counter smiled at us.


My parents had a hobby of recording everything that I did. One time they made a video of me riding on the bus. Don't ask.


"What flavor do you want, Nat?" My mom took my hand, leading me over to the selections of ice cream and frozen yogurt.


They had any flavor you could ever imagine.


"Um..." I tapped my chin, my eyes skimming over the colors. I was only a child, I was attracted to the bright ones. "One scoop of that one, and two of that!" I pointed to the bright pink and the neon green.


"So, you want one scoop of strawberry, and two watermelon?" The elderly woman confirmed, pulling on plastic gloves and grabbing the ice cream scoop.


I just nodded.  "Waffle, or sugar?" The woman referred to the type of cone I wanted.


"Waffle!" She handed me my ice cream and I ran to a booth by the window, my dad following with the camera. It was dark outside and the moonlight was radiating against the white window pane. My face was glowing from the light and the huge smile that never left my 8-year old face.


Louis soon came, sitting by me. He had a sugar cone and 4 chocolate scoops.


"Lou, can I try yours?" I smiled sweetly.


"Only if I can try yours!"


"Okay! Me first!" He handed me his cone and I took a huge lick, accidentally getting some on my nose. Louis giggled as I tried to lick the ice cream off of my nose, my tongue sticking out and going cross-eyed. "This isn't funny!" I cried.


"Yes it is!"


I stuck my tongue out at him and he said, "My turn."


He brought my ice cream up to his lips, about to try it. A devious plan came into my head.




I put my hand up, quickly bumping his own, resulting in him getting ice cream on his nose. I laughed.


"Hey!" He screeched. My dad laughed as did the rest of our parents and the lady behind the counter in the vacant ice cream parlor.


The tape ended.


"I never got you back for that!" Louis looked into my blue/green eyes.


He randomly smiled. "What?" I asked.


"You're just so beautiful. I can't believe I married the woman of my dreams." He leaned in and kissed me.


It was cheesy, but it was romantic. I loved it.


I loved him.


I didn't think it was possible to love someone so much.


I picked another film labeled 'Louis' Homemade video'.


"How about this one, babe?" I asked.


"Oh my gosh, I remember that!"


I laughed and nodded. "I was the cameraman, or camerawoman. Which ever you will."


"Play it, play it!" He clapped.


"Alright, hold your horses!" I inserted the disc and sat back down, snuggling up to Louis once again.


"Did it start?" Louis looked close into the camera. A weird, girlish giggle erupted from behind the camera, which I could only assume was my 14 year old self.


"Yes, Louis! Get out of the camera!" I whispered and he backed up.


"This is a video on how to... Um..." He stuttered, looking at the piece of paper he held in his hands. He looked back up. "This is a video on how to" He looked down once more, confirming his idea. "Ask a girl out."


Even though I couldn't be seen in the video, I knew I was blushing hard-core. I had just developed a crush on him when I was 13, just merely a year before. We had been friends practically forever. Even though it was just a video for the internet, it gave me goosebumps.


"First." He popped the collar on his shirt. "You've gotta look good."


I rolled my eyes, he always looks good.


"Next, you ask." He nodded his head forward, signaling me to set the camera down. I sat it on the bench in the park we were at.


He grabbed my hand, looking into my eyes, a soft look on his face. "Nat, I've known you my whole life and have had a crush on you for two years now, will you do the great honor of being my girlfriend. His face never changed. I saw the deep blush rushing up from my neck to my cheeks.


I didn't know what to do, but the point of the video was to ask a girl out, so I figured he would want me to say yes. I nodded, hugging him. "Yes, Louis William Tomlinson, I would love to be your girlfriend!"


"And now, you have yourself a girlfriend!" He grabbed my hand, looking into my eyes. They soon closed, as he leaned in. I could see the terror on my face.


Was he really doing this?


What was I gonna do?


This is just a video. It was, right?


I then saw myself leaning in and our lips touched. We broke apart only seconds later, both smiling like idiots.


"This wasn't just a video. This was real, Nathalie, I have liked you for two years, do you really wanna be my girlfriend?" His eyes lit up in happiness, mine doing the same.


"Yes! I like you, too!" I hugged him and he cut the camera off.


"I remember that like it was yesterday, I was so nervous. What if you didn't say yes? That was one of the many questions running through my head."


I smiled kissed his cheek. "I was waiting for you to ask me that forever. I would never say no."


We watched a few more videos, such as 'Homecoming '08' and 'Senior Prom'. They brought smiles to our faces. I loved these videos. They brought back so many good memories.


The last one we watched was our wedding video.


"You may now kiss the bride." He leaned in and kissed me passionately. The audience stood up as we broke apart, making our way out of the room. I was a new woman.


I was now, Nathalie Tomlinson.


"How did I get so lucky?" Louis looked at me, a smile present on his face.


"You're about to get luckier." I smiled, a tear escaping my eyes.


"How? Babe, why are you crying?" He asked, a concerned look on his face.


"You're going to be a father. Louis, I'm pregnant!" I hugged him and pulled apart.


He smiled at me, tears streaming uncontrollably down both of our faces.


"I love you so much! More than you know!" He kissed me. "I can't believe I'm going to have a son. We can name him Ricky."


"Hey! What if it's a girl? We can name her AnnaBella!"


"We're having a son, and his name will be Ricky." He stated with a serious look on his face. He cracked a smile and I smiled back. We both started laughing.


I couldn't believe how lucky I'd been.


In just 8 months, I would be raising a happy family with the man that I truly love.


Louis William Tomlinson.


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