One Direction Imagines

So, I've been debating on doing this or not, but I figure I won't get many requests anyway, so here are some imagines! If you want one, I need to know this:
Strange habits/fears/obsessions;
Where you're from;
Family Background;
What you want the plot to be;
Which Boy(s);
Note that if you feel uncomfortable giving away any of this information, MAKE IT UP! If you really live in America, but in your imagine you want to be from Ireland, just say you're from Ireland, I don't care. If you really have a perfect family, you all get along perfectly fine, but for the story line, you want to have been abused, say that. Remember, it's YOUR story, tell me what YOU want to happen! I'm trying to make these appealing to you! As for the plot, if you want to be famous and your one of the boys' celebrity crush, say so! THANK YOU, MY LILIESSSS!!! <3 xx


5. Makayla, Louis, & Zayn

A/N: I know you probably don't read these, but I am making this anyway. WOOHOO!!! Go Emily! Two in one day?!?! It's almost 10 pm, but I am gonna write this one, and probably a few more because I certainly did not expect to get this many requests! It really helps when you tell me the plot, as I can write it much faster and get them done quicker. It is very hard to come up with more original idea's and I don't know if you like them or not. And also, like I said in my last authors note, these will take a while for me to post. I try to give them some length and then try to proof read them, so don't think I won't do them. It just takes me a while! I hope you enjoy this, Makayla!

Makayla's POV

I smiled, "I can't believe you did all of this for me!" I hugged my boyfriend of 7 months, Louis.


"Anything for you!" He lead me down the path of rose petals, to the table for two. It was covered in a white table cloth and had a candle in the middle of it. The dim lighting gave the whole room a nice, romantic feel. There was some fancy China set out and the forks and knives were neatly wrapped, laying beside the plates.


He pulled out my seat like the gentleman he was and I sat down. He sat himself down and cleared his throat.


"The food should be here soon."


"Awesome!" I pulled out my phone.


I had 3 unread messages. 1 from Liam, 1 from Harry, and 1 from Zayn, my best friend.


I opened the one from Liam.


'From: Liam; I hope your date goes well! Best wishes, Liam x.'


I quickly typed a response.


'To: Liam; It's going amazing so far! Thanks! xx.'


I then opened the message from Harry.


'From: Hazza; Hey, lover! Have fun on your date! Not too much fun though! Don't do anything I wouldn't do. ;) I'm not ready to be an uncle yet. Love, Harry. xxxx'


I laughed silently, replying to Harry's message.


'To: Hazza; Don't do anything you wouldn't do? Well, we could pretty much do anything then! ;) Thanks, though. I'm having the best time. xx.'


Lastly, I opened the one from Zayn.


'From: Bestie<3; Have a fun time! I love you and miss you already! :( <3, Zaynie. xxx'


I smiled, Zayn was the best friend ever. I was closest to him out of all of the rest of the boys. We knew each other better than anyone. I texted him back, the last one.


'To: Bestie<3; Thank you! And I miss you more! :( Love you, too! xx.'


"Whatcha doin'?" Louis asked, sounding like Isabella from that Disney cartoon. What is it called? Um...


Phineas And Ferb!


That's it.


Who would name their kid Phineas? Or Ferb? Like, what the heck?


"Just texting back the boys. Being their nosy selves." I laughed.


"I love your laugh!" He leaned over the table and tapped my nose. "And your accent."


"Aw! I love yours, too! I love you!"


"I love you more!"


You may be wondering, my accent? What's so special about my accent? Well, I'm originally from Boston, of course I don't have the Boston accent.


When I say, 'Where are the car keys?', people don't think I'm asking where my khaki pants are. Let's just put it that way.


My dad is Irish, sadly he doesn't have the accent. I always make Niall talk, just to hear his adorable accent. I love it. My mom is Armenian, so I guess that makes me part Irish and part Armenian.


My phone buzzed and I looked at it.


'New message from: Leprechaun; Hiiii! Just wanted to wish you good luck on your date! :D ,Niall. xx'


Yes, I saved Niall as 'Leprechaun' in my phone, but he doesn't know that. He hates it when I call him Leprechaun. I just think it's funny.


I sent him a quick message and put my phone back in my red clutch.


"Here comes the food!" Louis yelled.


"Okay, Louis! Not so loud! I'm right here!" I covered my ears, chuckling at his childish behavior.


The waiter brought over a box. I looked at it puzzled.


"What?" Lou asked, the man sitting the box down in the middle of the table.


I soon recognized the box to be one that held pizza.


Really? All of this fanciness and then we have pizza?


I giggled. "Pizza? Really, Lou. Pizza?"


He laughed. "Of course!"


I took a slice and the waiter brought out a bowl. I gasped.


"You didn't!" I grabbed the bowl and held it, sticking my hand in.


"But I did! I knew how much you loved them, so I bought some." He shrugged, speaking nonchalantly.


"I love you so much!" I reached into the bowl, grabbing a handful of dark chocolate M&M's and shoving them into my mouth.


The rest of the date went by fast and we soon left and headed home.


I shared a flat with the rest of One Direction. When I got home, I changed out of my fancy dress and into some comfy pajamas.


I exited the room, to see all of the boys sitting together in a circle on the ground, in their PJ's as well.


"What's going on?" I questioned curiously, sitting in-between Louis and Harry on the hard, wooden ground.


"We're playing TOD." Louis grinned, a mischievous glint in his eye. Uh-oh. 


This was Louis' favorite game, and he was the master of dares. This couldn't be good.


Louis went first spinning the bottle. It landed on Niall.


"Niall, truth or dare?"


"I'm gonna be brave, which I probably will regret later, and pick dare!" He said, semi-confidently.


"I dare you to..." Louis tapped his chin in thought, while Niall was shifting uncomfortably in his place on the floor. "Dress as a girl and walk around outside! And, let Makayla do your makeup!"


"No! Truth, truth!" Niall pleaded.


"Nope, you picked dare and it's final! No backsies!"


"Fine!" He grabbed my arm and pulled me up, dragging me to my own bedroom. "Let's just get this over with." He mumbled under his breath.


I chuckled.


I grabbed an elastic, putting my red-brown-blondish hair in a ponytail before grabbing my makeup bag.


"Let's do this!" I did his make up and gave him a tank-top and booty shorts to wear. I paired them with a pair of pumps that I don't really wear much.


He went outside, walking around and receiving many weird looks from people.


When we got back inside and I just had to say it.


"You know, Niall. Purple really is your color." We all burst into fits of laughter, except for Niall, and soon pulled ourselves together.


A few truths and dares later, it was my turn to spin.


It landed on Zayn.


"Alright, Zayny, truth or dare."


"You're just as bad as Louis when it comes to dare, so I'm going with truth."


"Aw! No fun!" I pouted. "Okay then, who is your crush?"


Everyone suddenly became interested and looked at Zayn intently, waiting for his answer.


"I don't think you want me to tell you that."


"Of course I do! Come on! Tell us!" I encouraged.


He rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly before mumbling something that no one could understand.


"What was that? I couldn't hear." I cupped my hand around my ear, emphasizing the gesture.


"Erts yer." I still couldn't understand.


"Come again?"


"IT'S YOU!" He shouted, storming out of the room, angrily slamming his bedroom door shut.


"I'll go talk to him." I got up, soon to be pulled back down by Louis.


"No, let me." He stood up and left.


I couldn't believe it!


Who would I choose?


I might, just maybe, possibly, sorta, kinda have a crush on Zayn too.


What do I do?

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