One Direction Imagines

So, I've been debating on doing this or not, but I figure I won't get many requests anyway, so here are some imagines! If you want one, I need to know this:
Strange habits/fears/obsessions;
Where you're from;
Family Background;
What you want the plot to be;
Which Boy(s);
Note that if you feel uncomfortable giving away any of this information, MAKE IT UP! If you really live in America, but in your imagine you want to be from Ireland, just say you're from Ireland, I don't care. If you really have a perfect family, you all get along perfectly fine, but for the story line, you want to have been abused, say that. Remember, it's YOUR story, tell me what YOU want to happen! I'm trying to make these appealing to you! As for the plot, if you want to be famous and your one of the boys' celebrity crush, say so! THANK YOU, MY LILIESSSS!!! <3 xx


2. Emily & Liam

Emily's POV

"No! Mom! This isn't happening! Tell me it's not true!" I yelled at my mom, tears welling up in my eyes.


"I'm sorry, sweetie! There was nothing we could do about it. I'm sorry." She whispered the last sentence, holding back tears of her own.


She had just told me that my grandmother had died. You see, I was really close to my grandmother. I loved her dearly, vice versa. As my mother finished her sentence, I quickly ran out of the house. I just needed some space, some time alone.


Liam's POV

"I'm going on a food run!" I called out to the boys as I hurriedly exited the house. We were on a "vacation", I guess you could call it. We decided on Ohio, I mean, who would have guessed out of all the placed we could be, that it would be Ohio? Clever, right?


I walked down the streets, covering the screen to my iPhone, trying to keep the sun from blocking my view. As I did so, I bumped into someone.


"I'm so sorry!" I held out my hand to help them up. There was a gorgeous girl, very young, in front of me. She accepted my hand, pulling herself up.


When she was up, she dusted herself off. She had mascara stains on her cheeks, and her face was slightly red.


"Are you okay?" I asked. She hadn't spoken to me. She nodded slightly, hanging her head. I put my index and middle fingers under her chin, gently pulling her head up to face me. I pushed her shiny brown curls behind her ears, and looked into her eyes. They were an unusual color, a mixture of red, green, and yellow. She was much smaller than me, making her all the cuter.


"What's your name?" I pulled her into a hug. She looked like she could use one.


"Emily." She pulled out of the hug, speaking shyly.


"Well, Emily, I'm Liam! Why are you roaming around here alone? What happened?"


"I just received some bad news, my grandmother passed." I wiped away the fresh tears that were falling down her soft cheeks as she spoke of her beloved grandmother. "We were really close."


I gave her a sympathetic smile, hugging her again.


"I was just on a food run, would you like to come with?" I asked in hopes of cheering her up. Besides, I really wanted to get to know her. Something about her intrigued me. Whether it was her good looks, or her adorable personality, I found her highly intriguing.


She smiled gratefully. "I would love to!"


We walked to the closest McDonald's, just chatting. She was really starting to open up.


We walked into the restaurant, just laughing about a stupid joke that she cracked. We received some weird looks that just caused us to laugh even harder.


We ordered what we wanted and sat down at a booth.


"So, anything you do in your spare time?" I asked, genuinely interested.


"I ride horses!" She smiled proudly, causing me to smile with her.


"Cool!" I replied. We talked a bit more before I remembered. "Shoot! I forgot that I was supposed to get some food for my mates! Would you like to come with me and meet them? I'm sure they'd love you!"


She reluctantly agreed, I got food for my friends and we set off. As we approached the house, I warned her. "Just a fair warning, my friends are very crazy." She laughed and replied.


"I think I can handle it." I unlocked and opened the door.


"I'm home!" No one came. Well then. "With food!" This time everyone came flying in.


"It's about ti-" Niall stopped mid-sentence. "Who is this lovely lady?"


"Guys, this is Emily. Emily, this is-"


"I know who they are! I'm kind of a fan..." She laughed.


"Really? You didn't act like it."


"I wasn't exactly in a good mood."


"Right, I'm sorry about your loss."


"Thanks, but don't be. It's not your fault."


I nodded. "I know we just got done eating, but would you like anything to eat or drink?"


"Some water would be nice."


"Coming right up!"


"Thank you!" She sat down on the couch, a huge smile on her face.


"Here you are, love." I handed her a glass of water and she thanked me once again. As she took a sip, she rubbed her stomach. "Um, sweetheart, is something wrong?"


She swallowed her water. "What? Oh, no! I'm sorry, it's a habit." She looked down, blushing.


"It's fine." I chuckled at her adorableness.


We spent the rest of the night hanging with the boys, just having a good laugh.


"I should get going. My family's probably worried sick." She sighed.


"I'll drive you home." I offered, giving her my best friendly smile.


"Sounds good." Everyone in the room exchanged goodbyes and hugs and we got in the car.


"Thank you, for everything Liam." She said as she stood in front of her door in the dark, cold night.


"It's not a problem." I smiled. I loved hanging out with her. I felt that I could just be myself around her. Soon, I found myself leaning in, her doing the same.


Before I knew it, our lips were touching. Butterflies erupted in my stomach. We kissed sweetly for a few seconds before she pulled away.


"Liam, I'm only 14." She frowned, the happy gleam in her eye was gone.


"I don't care." I replied as I smashed my lips to hers once more.


A/N: So, Emily (not me. Lawlz), I hope you liked it! I know that mine aren't like normal imagines, they are more like mini-stories. Feedback would be nice. Did you like it? Yay or nay? Would you rather it be like normal imagines? Anything would be nice. Thank you for submitting, Emily! Love you, my Lilies! <3 xx


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