One Way Or Another (One Direction Fan Fic)

A 16 Year old girl and Her bff Stela think their life is like a regular teenagers....Until the met them!


1. The Anouncement

"Samantha, Stela's here to see you" my mom shouts up the stairs. Stela is my bff we do everything and i mean EVERYTHING together. As i hear her i put down my ipod and bolt down the stairs chanting "YOU DONT KNOW-O-O, YOU DONT KNOW YOUR BEAUTIFUL" stela joins in and i stop at the bottom of the stairs and go up to her " Hai Gurl Hai" I say

"Haaai, so what are we doing today?" Stela asks.

"follow me" I say as i grab her arm and start running up the stairs. *CRASH* i stop and look behind me and nothing fell.

" HeHe sorry thats my text tone" stela explains. I just roll my eyes and walk the rest of the way to my room. As i get in my room i plop on my bed and pat down where stela can sit.

" So whats new Stel? " I ask

" Nothing really *Sigh* just sooo sad " she answers

"whats wrong?" i say a little to eagerly

" Well i was online looking for One Direction concert tickets, and it said they were going on sale in 5 minutes so i waited and in a matter of 20 minutes after they went on sale they were sold out " Stela explains


"Sammy can you and stela come down here for a seccond" my mom calls up

"Yep be there in a sec" I call back down. Me and Stela have a race down the stairs,Like always, and she always wins except today. We see my mom and dad sitting on the couch and they tell us to have a seat on the couch in front of them so we do.

"I swear whatver Jacob said we did (my 13 year old brother) we didnt d-" i try to explain but my dad interupts me.

"We know your birthday isnt for a few weeks we decided, we want to give you you present early" my dad says

"" I say confused. Why do they want to give it to me now

"Well we heard you and stela talking about it" My dad continues. "Talking about what" I think to my self

"We got you and stela backstage passes to ONE DIRECTIONS CONCERT IN LONDON,ENGLAND" both my mom and my dad say in unisin. I became speachless and couldent breath, neither could stela. Once we snapped into reality we hopped up and huged eachother and screamed "EEEEEEEEP!!!!!!"

The only real thingi can say is, "When do we leave!"

Chapter 2 coming soon









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